What are pi and tau?

Updated: 10/31/2022
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They are both constants related to angular measure.

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Q: What are pi and tau?
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Why did pi come from tau?

Because pi = 0.5*tau

When was Epsilon Tau Pi created?

Epsilon Tau Pi was created in 1999.

pi +pi = what?


Can you calculate the area of a circle with tau?

So area of a circle is pi*(radius^2), since tau = 2*pi, then you have pi = (2*pi/2), so (2*pi/2)*radius^2 = (tau/2)*radius^2

What was the name of the fraternity in Animal House?

Delta Tau Chi, better known as Delta House.

What is the worst number?

Pi is the worst number. People are always worshiping this number, even the most famous mathematicians. Tau is better than pi. It makes 2 times more sense than pi (literally). When pi is used in trigonometry, most things have to do with 2pi. Why not use tau? It makes much more sense. Tau = 2pi. Tau also adds 8 more angles to the unit circle (called the tau circle when using tau). There are more reasons why tau is better than pi. Look them up, and join the International Tau Movement.

When was the fraternity Epsilon Tau Pi founded?

Epsilon Tau Pi (ΕΤΠ) was founded in 1999 at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio.

What is n radian?

n radians = n/tau or n/(2*pi) of a whole turn.equivalently, 360/tau or 180/pi degrees.

How do Tau-ists celebrate Tau day?

Please see No, really, pi is wrong… The Tau Manifesto, by Michael Hartl.See alsoAre you a Tau-ist? Pi Day is Under Attack

Meaning of tau beta pi?

it's a secret

Why Pi should be replaced with tau?

Pi (3.14) should be replaced with tau because angles are measured easily in radians than in degrees. For an example, there are 2Pi radians in a circle. 2Pi is equal to one tau (6.28). Therefore, there are tau radians (360 degrees) in a circle. A semicircle would have half tau (180 degrees) and a quarter of a circle a quarter tau (90 degrees) and so forth. P.S. - Pi is a constant which references the circumference of a circle to its radius (2Pi radius; it will become tau radius).

What does Michael Hartl mathematician physicist say about Tau's number being 628318 and pi's number being 314159?

In The Tau Manifesto, by Michael Hartl, a mathematician and physicist, Hartl asserts that Tau should replace pi in mathematics. He and others state Tau is more perfect than pi, a perfect completion of the circle and more broadly descriptive in mathematical problems, with Tau being double of pi. This idea has not yet been accepted into mainstream mathematics; pi continues to be taught and used.Though proponents of Tau made a "Tau Day" and have produced multi-media to explain the concept, this idea is not about religions, myths, gods, etc. Pi and Tau have no mythical figures or heroic battles. The argument is simply a new mathematical idea, one which may OR may never completely be accepted into mainstream teaching and practices.