What are ramanujan numbers?

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ramanujan's pet number is 1729(one thousand seven hundred twenty-nine)

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Q: What are ramanujan numbers?
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What were inventions of ramanujan?

Ramanujan's number - 1729,which is the sum of squares of three numbers

What are ramanujan's pet numbers?

ramanujan's pet number is 1729(one thousand seven hundred twenty-nine)

What are the ramanujans pet numbers?

Ramanujan pet number is 153

What were Ramanujan's contributions to mathematics?

Contribution of S. Ramanujan is widespread in fields of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Number theory etc. He has also made some extraordinary contributions to the fields like Hyper-geometric series, Elliptic functions, Prime numbers, Bernoulli`s numbers, Divergent series, Continued fractions, Elliptic Modular equations, Highly Composite numbers, Riemann Zeta functions, Partition of numbers, Mock-Theta functions etc. In reality, apart from a few elementary ones, most of the contributions of S. Ramanujan belong to a higher realm of mathematics that is often referred to as Higher Mathematics. But the most significant contributions are Ramanujan Prime, Ramanujan Theta function, Ramanujan-Soldner constant, Ramanujan`s sum etc.

Who invented prime number?

prime numbers are invented by srinivasan ramanujan, an Indian mathematician.

What are ramanujans numbers?

1729 is known as the Hardy-Ramanujan number after a famous anecdote of the British mathematician G. H. Hardy regarding a hospital visit to the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

How do you spell Ramanujan?

That is the correct spelling of the given name Ramanujan. (mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, 1856-1920)

How many natural numbers can be represented as sum of cubes of two natural numbers in two different ways?

Probably infinite. The smallest is known as Ramanujan's number, 1729 using cubes of 1 and 12, and of 9 and10. Read more about the genius Ramanujan in Wikipaedia.

When did A. K. Ramanujan die?

A. K. Ramanujan died in 1993.

When was Amita Ramanujan created?

Amita Ramanujan was created in 2005.

When was Ramanujan released?

Ramanujan was released on 12/31/2007.

What was the Production Budget for Ramanujan?

The Production Budget for Ramanujan was $20,000,000.

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