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Terminating numbers are decimal representations of rational numbers.

Nonterminating numbers may or may not be rational numbers.

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Q: What are terminating and non terminating numbers in rational numbers?
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Related questions

Are rational numbers non-terminating decimals?

No. Rational numbers are either terminating decimals or non-terminating BUT recurrent decimals.

Are non-terminating decimals rational numbers?

If they are non-terminating and there is a repeating pattern, then they are rational. If they are non-terminating and there is no repeating pattern, as in pi, they are irrational.

Is an irrational a non-terminating decimal?

Not only non-terminating, but also non-repeating. 0.333... recurring is non-terminating but it is rational. In fact, most rational numbers are non-terminating decimals.

Are irrational numbers always non-terminating?

Yes. Any terminating number is rational. (But some non-terminating numbers are rational too, like 1/3, 1/7, 1/9, etc.

Are all non-terminating decimals irrational?

0.3333... non-terminating = 1/3 (rational) 0.1666... non-terminating = 1/6 (rational) 0.0666... non-terminating = 1/15 (rational) 0.1111... non-terminating = 1/9 (rational) 0.3636... non-terminating = 4/11 (rational) 0.428571428... non-terminating = 3/7 (rational) I guess not .

What are non-terminating numbers?

They are real numbers. All irrational numbers are non-terminating. Also, any rational numbers which, in its simplest form has a denominator which contains a factor other than 2 or 5 (or their powers) is non-terminating.

Are all terminating and decimals rational numbers?

All terminating decimal numbers are rational.

What are two characteristics of a rational and irrational number?

Rational numbers - can be expressed as a fraction, and can be terminating and repeating decimals. Irrational numbers - can't be turned into fractions, and are non-repeating and non-terminating. (like pi)

What are facts about rational numbers?

Rational numbers can be written as a fraction with a non-zero denominator,as a terminating,a decimal,or a repeating decimal.

Are terminating decimals always rational numbers?

Yes, terminating decimals are always rational numbers.

Is non-terminating decimal is a rational or irrational number?

Either. If it is non-terminating but recurrent (after some point) it is rational. If it is non-terminating AND non-recurrent then it is irrational.

Why is 8.3 a rational number?

It terminates. I believe that numbers that are non terminating are irrational. and numbers that can be made into a fraction, terminat, or repeat are rational.

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