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for showing a preview, or planning, without actually building the real structure

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Q: What are scale drawings for in real life?
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When are scale drawings used in real life?

When designing any large objects or structures, such as buildings, planes, bridges etc.

How can arcitects can use the scale drawing in the real life?

If they did not their drawings would be the same size as the structure that they are building which would make it impossible to work with them!

How is a scale factor related to scale drawings?

The scale factor of a scale drawing is the ratio of any length in the drawing to the true corresponding length in the "real" object.

How do you use similar triangles in real life situations?

arcitecture. blue prints are drawings and scale models and use similarity bc they are not the same size as the actual thing.

When are dilations used in real life?

Constructions, drawings, sketches, etc.

How are scale drawings used?

Scale drawings are used by artists, architects and builders to get an accurate drawing either smaller or larger than the actual thing is.

What does 1 centimeter on the scale drawing represent in real life?

it depends of the scale of the drawing

How are scale drawings used in everyday life?

Architects use them. So do plumbers, engineers, designers, and surveyors. Hope this sorta helped!

What does a scale show on a scale drawing?

It shows the constant of proportionality between the scale drawing and the real-life object.

What is the size of a Minecraft block to scale?

A minecraft block is 1 Meter to scale in real life.

What do you use a architecht scale for?

A scale is like a ruler which helps architects and builders read plans and convert the measurements on paper to the measurements of the real building. Because we can't make architectural drawings as large as real life, we scale them down. Some commonly used scales are 1:100, 1:250, 1:50 etc. The scale is determined by how big the building is and how much detail the plans need to show so that you can see what's going on. With a 1:100 scale drawing, every unit on the page is equal to 100 units in real life. So the 1:100 part of the scale ruler shows "1m" where on a regular ruler it would say "1cm".

How does a fashion designer use scale drawings?

Yes a fashion designer does use a scale drawing...