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areas of high pollution or landfroms

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Q: What are scale models best used to identify?
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What is used to study large scale phenomena?


Does the Mohs scale help scientists identify the crystal shape of a mineral?

The Mohs scale is used to identify the mineral property of hardness only.

What is the typical scale of Airfix models?

The most commonly used scales for Airfix models are 1/24 and 1/72. The 1/24 scale is mostly used for cars and motorcycles while the 1/72 scale is mostly used for aircraft, rockets and military vehicles.

How is heat measured Identify instruments used to measure heat?

—Thermometers. —Celsius Scale —Kelvin scale —Calorimeter

The Mohs scale helps scientists to identify the 'blank' of a mineral?

The Mohs scale is used to measure the hardness of minerals.

Is freehand sketching used in engineering?

Yes to scale out models for different things.

What is the HO Scale used for?

The HO scale is used for measuring when it comes to model trains. Originally there was the O scale, or O gauge. When train models went to an even smaller size they created the HO scale to measure them.

What movie was the first to use large scale models?

An Italian film "Cabiria" (1914) used scale models of mountains and volcanoes. It was a 180-minute silent black-and-white film directed by Giovanni Pastrone.

What are the syllables used to identify the tones of the scale?

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

What best describes what models are use for?

Models are used to explain how something works.

Models are used to save time money and lives?

Models are used to save time, money, and lives by creating small scale versions of products. They are used extensively in the automobile industry with great effectiveness.

What is the first film to use scale models?

The first motion picture to use scale models was the 22-second "A Railway Collision", filmed in 1900 by Paul's Animatograph Works. Two years later, the 14-minute French short "La Voyage Dans la Lune", aka "A Trip to the Moon" used a number of animations and scale models.