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Seventeen tens, in base ten, is 170

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Q: What are seventeens tens written as a base ten numeral?
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What is the numeral for 2700 tens?


Wrie the numeral for 9 tens?


What is the numeral for 27 tens and 8 ones?


Numeral of six tens and six hundredths?


What is the numeral for 270 tens?

270*10 = 2,700

What numeral is equal to 3 tens?

The Roman numeral XXX represents 30, which is 3 x 10

What is the numeral for 11 tens and 5 ones?

11 tens + 5 ones = 115

In the number 923 how many tens are there?

In the NUMBER 923, there are 92 tens plus 3. In the NUMERAL 923, there are 9 hundreds, 2 tens, and 3 units.

What is the numeral for 8 tens and 17 ones?

8 tens and 17 ones = 97

What is the value of the numeral 2 in the number 1326?

Two tens = twenty.

What is the numeral of 540 hundreds 9 tens and 6 ones?


How do you write 3 tens and 0 tens?

3 tens is written as 30 0 tens is written a 0

Write the numeral for 9 tens?

"9 tens" would be 90. If you meant to write "9 tenths" the answer would be 0.9

Write a 7 digit numeral with 3 in tens place 5 in the hundredths?


What is the value of the numeral 8 in the number 480?

8 lots of TENS, so eighty.

How is seven tens written in numerals?

Seven tens or 70 is written LXX in Roman numerals.

What is the numeral if XLIVIIVII?

As a roman numeral, this has too many symbols. XL are tens (40), IV are the units (4), so the first four symbols represent the number 44. The additional symbols are not appropriate for a roman numeral.

What is a 6 digit numeral with 4 in the hundredths 3 in the hundreds 6 in the thousands and 5 in the tens and 2s in the other places?

The six digit numeral in question is 6352.24.

What is the numeral for 6 ten and 5 ones?

6 tens and 5 ones is 65 (which is sixty five).

What are different ways to say 100?

Ten decades, a century, ten tens, as a Roman numeral C

What is the value of the numeral 3 in the number 5632?

3 is in the tens place value is 30

What does deci mean in decimal?

Deci means ten. Our numeral system is based on the counting of tens.

What is the Roman numeral for 129?

The equivalent roman numeral would be CXXIX.One hundred is a C, two tens would be XX. A nine is ten minus one so the answer is CXXIX.

What is 87 tens and 2 ones?

Write 87 tens and 2 ones as a base ten number.

What is 56 tens as a base ten number?

It is 560.