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Square inches, square feet, square miles, square meters, acres or hectares.

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Q: What are some customary units for measuring area?
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Customary units for measuring temperature?

Degrees Centigrade or Celsius although in some less advanced parts of the world, they still use Fahrenheit.

What is a customary unit for measuring temperature?

Temperature has no units. The so-called "degrees" are nothing but slices of large intervals defined by the freezing and boiling points of water, or some such reference.

Units for measuring volume?

There are so many units for measuring volume that are commonly used. Some of these units include litres, pints, gallons and so much more.

Why is area stated in square units?

the units for area are always stated as a square of some units of lengths?

Do you use square centimetres when measuring a circular shape?

Answer: no, u measure the raduis Answer: The area of any figure will be expressed in square centimeters, or some other square units. The actual measurements, in a circle, are of course done in linear units (e.g., centimeters) - the area will then be calculated.

When stating the area of an object its measuring units is always followed by what symbol?

If the expected answer is "squared" or "to the second power", it is not correct because some units are square measures - eg acre. An acre squared would be a four-dimensional concept!

What are some reasons for measuring area and perimeter?

Area and perimeter can be used for measuring things such as lawns (for lawn care) or an area of ground for cement (to order the cement)

What are some similarties and some differences between standard units of measure inches and nonstandard units crayon?

if you measure a crayon with inches is not the same as measuring with feet.

What is the side length s of the square?

It is s units on some unspecified scale for measuring length.

What are some examples of units of measure?

The foot, yard, mile, gallon, quart, pound and fluid ounce are examples of units of measurement in the United States customary units system. Examples of metric units of measurement include the meter, kilometer and gram.

What are some units used for measuring volume?

Liters, gallons, cups, pints, demijohns. Kilometers^3

Are all the measuring units standard units?

The International System of Units has standard units for all types of measurements.Unfortunately some countries as United States, Canada, United Kingdom and colonies doesn't recognize the SI.

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