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an example of a expression is [7+3] x 20- 7= 13

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What are some examples of subtraction in algebraic expressions?


Which of the expressions are not polynomials?

Exponential, trigonometric, algebraic fractions, inverse etc are all examples.

What are some examples of algebraic expressions used in everyday life?

is in the weather, when u get a test its like 99\100 .... and like the prices..

Do algebraic expressions have equals signs?

no algebraic expressions do not have equal signs but equations do.

How do you classify algebraic expressions?

Algebraic expressions are terms that do not include an equality sign

How are algebraic expressions and equations alike?

Algebraic expressions are the written relations of or between variables. For example, x2, 1/x, and x + y + z are all algebraic expressions. Algebraic equations are simply algebraic expressions that equate to something. For example, x2 = 4, 1/x = y, and x + y + z = 42 are all algebraic equations. In general, one differentiates algebraic expressions from exponential, trigonometric, hyperbolic, and logarithmic expressions by requiring algebraic expressions to be confined to polynomial expressions. I've added a link regarding polynomials below.

What do you mean by algebraic expressions with examples?

algebraic expressions are any mathematical formula +, -, x, / ej polynomial functions x2+x=1 a2+b2=1 x/a+y/b=1

What are some jobs that use algebraic expressions?

A math teacher!

Examples of Algebric expressions?

An Algebraic expression is any expression (equation) that contains a letter where a number should be.

What are some examples of idiomatic expressions with prepositions?

expressions withprepositions

How do you know if you will subtract or add in simplifying algebraic expressions?

Only like terms can be subtracted or added in algebraic expressions.

What is the word origin for algebraic expressions?

the word algebraic is arabic.

Do algebraic expressions have to have a variable?

Yes. That is the definition of an algebraic expression.

Examples of definition of rational algebraic expression?

A rational algebraic expression is the ratio of two algebraic expressions. That is, one algebraic expression divided by another. It is important that the domain is defined in such a way the the rational expression does not involve division by 0.

What are Algebraic Expresstion?

Algebraic expressions are terms that do not include an equality sign

What is alegebrac expressions?

Algebraic expressions are terms that do not include an equality sign

Can algebraic expressions have exponents?


Examples of rational algebraic expressions?

These can be found through your textbook. You can look through the specific chapter to find the information that you need.

How can algebraic expressions help you make decisions?

Algebraic expressions allow you to organize the information so you can make a easier decision

How do you solve algebraic expresions?

You solve algebraic expressions by getting the variable by itself.

What are algebraic terms and expressions?

An expression consists of algebraic terms and has no equality sign

What are linear algebraic expressions using fractional coefficients?

Rational linear expressions.

Why do you use letters in algebraic expressions?

the reason you use letters in algebraic expressions is because you don't know the number so a letter replaces it.

Can you make algebraic expressions and solutions?


What are factors made of?

Numbers or algebraic expressions.

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