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What are some good answers to ask vets about math?

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I don't think that there are any good answers to ask. I did here, though, that there are some good questions to ask = ).

2011-01-07 04:41:13
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Q: What are some good answers to ask vets about math?
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What math do vets use and how do they use it?

by bills

What math formulas do vets use?

A+B=C so what is A? Its C

Do vets work with horses?

Some vets will work with horses. Otherwise, there are specialty equine-vets who will work almost only with horses.

Do vets make good money?

it depends on what kind of size animals you work with larger animal vets get paid more than small animal vets

What discount is good with DD214?

10% for vets.

What does it mean when a dog is scooting on his bottom?

possibly may have worms, get your dog some good worming tablets from the vets

Do vets give surgery to animals?

Yes, most vets give surgery to animals, but some do not.

What animals do vets examine?

Essentially all animals ... but vets specialize, some do farm animals, some do pets, some do zoo animals, etc.

What do you think a vets job would be like without math?

Extremely difficult - without math you couldn't calculate drug dosages, IV fluid rates or bills for services rendered.

What does a veterinarian do as a living?

vets take care of animals and save their lives, they kinda do what doctors do but on animals. some vets offices are open 24/7 or some are open depending on the amount of people that work their. also vets are smarter that doctors to some extent.

What can we do to save the cheetah?

we can get a good education and get a good job to become cheetah helpers or vets

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Vets can make anywhere from $61.70 - 75.00 an hour depending on location, how good you are and how much of a hard worker you are

Can you give your Bichon Sudafed?

No and double no. You need to take your Bichon into your Vets office to have her or him checked over. Benadryl can be given safely but what are you giving it for, what symptoms, what dosage? That is why it is safest to take your dog into the Vets office for some good medical advice first.

How many ways do vets use math?

many ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

What kinda of animals do vets work with?

It depends on what region they work in. Some vets work with horses, pigs, cows and that type of animal, but some vets work with lizards, birds, cats, dogs, you name it. A vet is helpful to any animal owner.

Where can you find the vets helping vets theme?

Find the "Vets Helping Vets Theme" at

What do the vets do if a ginnipig leg is broke?

It is very hard to fix a leg this small. There are some vets who will try. It can get really expensive to pay for this.

How old is the ondest Vietnam veteran?

The oldest ones are over 100 years old if they are alive I was there in 1966 at age 19. There were guys there in their 40s Do the math. I even met some French and German vets that were there in the 1950s

What do vets use chemistry for?

Vets use chemistry for lots of things. Some things in which veterinarians can use chemistry is when they are doing surgery. Chemistry makes up everything, therefore it is great to know. Plus it's good for them when prescribing medicines for the animals.

What is the motto of Combat Vets Motorcycle Association?

The motto of Combat Vets Motorcycle Association is 'Vets Helping Vets'.

What are some careers that involve with horses?

large animal vets,horse trainers equine vets,trainer,grooms,jockeys,breeders,etc.

Why does my dwarf hamster have one watery eye And he's only blinking that eye He is also making this little wispering noise Is there some thing wrong with my him?

This isn't a good sign its probably best you go to the vet and get it sorted out. the Internet never has the right answers don't trust it vets are better and trained.

What are some draw backs of vets?

they get really itchy sometimes

What incentives exist for vets?

some finacal aids are cool

What are traits for most vets?

No Queazy stomachs, Calm and Relaxed, Good with animals