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Take away and minus.

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Q: What are some other words for subtraction in math?
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What are some other words from multiply in math?

Other words are: division, subtraction, and addition.

What are some other words for minus?


What Are Some Other Words For Multiplicaton In Math?

other words for multiplication

What are some other words for product in math?


What are some other words for addition in math?

addplus add on to

What are some problems for kids having with math?

Place value,subtraction,division,etc.Probably

What is property in math?

addition,subtraction,multiplication,and division.

What are some other words for times in maths?

Some other words for "times" in math are "multiply" and "product".

What are some other words Mutiply for math?

Multiplication Times Multiplied

Example some math/equation that can make my life easy?

Addition ,subtraction, multiplicación,division etc.

What math skills are used in football?

There are several math skills used in football. Some of the skills used include addition, subtraction, percentages, statistics, and measurements.

Creative Tips for Using Subtraction Worksheets in the Classroom?

Creative elementary school teachers can find many uses for subtraction worksheets. For instance, teachers use subtraction worksheets as warm-ups for the class period. These worksheets are great for getting students in the right frame of mind to learn some math lessons! Check out some other ways that elementary school math teachers make productive use of subtraction worksheets. Some teachers like to use subtraction worksheets in a math bingo game. For instance, teachers can cut up the worksheets and give students a stack of subtraction problems. Then, she or her can give each student a bingo board that contains the answers to several of the problems. As the teacher calls out an answer, the students must find the subtraction problem in the stack that goes with that answer. When a student has a row of problems matched with answers on the bingo board, then the class has a winner! This is an especially entertaining and educational way that elementary school math teachers can make use of subtraction worksheets. Elementary school teachers can also use subtraction worksheets as pop quizzes. This is a convenient way for a teacher to determine which students have memorized their subtraction tables and which have not. Also, subtraction worksheets are helpful in determining which students are able to recall correct answers in quick fashion. Subtraction worksheets are a practical educational tool that math teachers can use on a daily basis. Subtraction worksheets can also be used as homework assignments for elementary school students. After a teacher checks the accuracy of the students' answers, he or she can return the worksheets to the children to allow them to correct anything that is wrong. Elementary students retain a great deal of information by having to go back and correct answers on a subtraction worksheet. Chances are, they will catch their mistake the next time they work on a similar subtraction problem. Finally, a subtraction worksheet with a gathering of story problems can be useful to both math and English teachers who instruct elementary school students. The young students can sharpen their subtraction skills while learning new words as well as the elements of grammar.