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2 and 3 are the only pair.

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Q: What are some pairs of primes that are consencutive numbers?
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If some integers are prime then are all numbers primes?


Is there a pattern in the prime and composite numbers between 1 to 100?

There are some patterns, but none that can help you determine, in all cases, whether the number is a prime or not.For example: * All primes except 2 are odd numbers. However, not all odd numbers are primes. * All primes greater than 3 are of the form 6n - 1, or 6n + 1. However, not all numbers of this form are primes.

What are some pairs of numbers such that the product of the 2 numbers is the reverse of the sum of the 2 numbers?


Who invented the twin prime numbers?

Nobody invented them. Some prime numbers were found to be next-but-one to one another, and these were called twin primes.

If some numbers are integers and others prime- are all prime?

All primes are integers, but all integers are not prime.

What is two prime numbers to make 97?

There are no two primes whose sum, difference, product or quotient is 97. However, there may be some non-standard binary operation such that two primes can be combined to make 97.

What are examples of a pair of prime numbers?

Some pairs of prime numbers are: 3, 5 11, 17 7, 23

What two consecutive prime numbers equal 56?

There are no two consecutive primes whose sum, difference, product or quotient is 56.However, there may be some non-standard binary operation such that two primes can be combined to make 56.

What 2 numbers times together make 63?

To answer this question, you first need to break the number down into its prime factors: 63 = 3x3x7 To find two numbers that multiply to make 63, one number must be the product of some of these primes, and the other must be the product of the rest (you can also use 1). Thus the possible pairs are: 1x63 3x21 7x9

Why does the prime formula not give us two twin primes?

There is no known prime formula to identify all primes. There are some formulae that work only for some classes of primes. Mathematicians have

Are there more primes or composites?

In any large range of numbers, more so the higher and larger the range is, there will be more composites than primes. It is far more likely that a given number will be divisible by some number less than the number itself, the higher you go.

Why are all even numbers composite except for the number two?

Composite numbers are numbers composed of 2 or more primes. 2 is a prime number. Any other (positive) even number is a product of 2 and some other number (not 1).