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Q: What are some speed measurements?
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What is used to take weather measurements?

Wind speed

What two measurements are invloved with speed?

Time and distance.

Which measurements would not be used to solve for average speed?

There are too many measurements that wouldn't have to be made in order to calculate an average speed. The only measurements that would matter in the most general example are the distance travelled and the time it took.

What is vector system?

Vector systems are a branch of mathematics that is used to manipulate measurements that have a value as well as a direction. Common examples are velocity, acceleration, force, etc - measurements involving motion. However, some motion-related measurements are not vectors. Distance, speed are not.

If A student measures the speed of a rolling ball three times. She adds the measurements and divides by 3. What quantity did the student calculate?

She obtained the average speed of the three measurements.

What two measurements do you need to measure speed?

The distance and time.

Distance measurements based on the speed of light?

Light Year

What are the three measurements related to the study motion?

distance, speed, and time

The two measurements necessary for calculating average speed?

distance and time

What measurements do you need to calculate the speed of a train?

distance travelled and time taken average speed = distance/time

What sre the measurements for average speed?

to measure the average speed of a car for instince you must use the following formula SPEED= distance divided by time

What distinguishes the measurements of speed from that of velocity and acceleration?

Velocity = speed, and the direction in which it's happening Acceleration = rate at which speed is changing, and the direction in which it's changing