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Q: What are some things that come in twelves?
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What things come in 12s?


What is three twelves plus four twelves?

seven twelves

How do you memorize your twelves?

first u write down all the twelves and in everyday life see what those numbers have to do with things then when the question is asked just remember those things that the numbers remind you of duh! add meh on facebook

Is five twelves smaller than seven twelves?

Yes, its 2 twelves smaller.

What is five twelves?

five twelves is sixty.

Is eight twelves more than five twelves?

no becaue if u divide and get the decimal, eight twelves is .67 and 5 twelves is .42 which is so much less.

What is seven twelves as a percentage?

Seven twelves as a percentage is 58.33%.

How tall is Josh Twelves?

Josh Twelves is 4' 11".

What is six twelves as a decimal?

six twelves as a decimal = 72.0

What is nine twelves as a percentage?

9 twelves = 108 = 10,800%

How have things changed after the ceremony of twelves?

Once they have received their assignments, they no longer have volunteer work. They begin their training.

What is three twelves minus four twelves?

Three twelves is 36. Four twelves is 48. 36 - 48 = -12. Three twelfths - fourth twelfths equals minus one twelfth.