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no becaue if u divide and get the decimal, eight twelves is .67 and 5 twelves is .42 which is so much less.

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Q: Is eight twelves more than five twelves?
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Is 8.5 less than 8.05?

No. 8.5 is eight and five tenths. In dollars, that's eight dollars and five dimes. 8.05 is eight and five hundredths. In dollars, that's eight dollars and five cents.

Is five twelves bigger than one fourth?

Yes. 1 fourth is the same as 3 twelfths

Is the fraction eight twelves in simplest form?

No it is not. 8 and 12 are not coprime: they have a common factor which is greater than 1.

Is five twelves greater than one fourth?

Yes because 1/4 equals 3/12

Is three twelves more than one sixth?

3/12 is 50% more than 1/6 .

A recipe says that it is best to use more than three eights cup but less than ten twelves cup sugar How much sugar can you use?

I would say five ninths cups of sugar

How many more sides does and octagon have than a pentagon?

Three, a pentagon has five sides an octagon has eight.

Is four fifths bigger than eight twelfths?

Four fifths (4/5) = 0.8 Eight twelves (8/12 = 2/3) = approx. 0.67. So, yes, 4/5 is greater than 8/12.

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