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There are a number of ways to become more confident. For instance, try to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Don't always compare yourself to others but rather promote your positive attributes. Other ideas to become more confident can be found online at Nerd Fitness, Tiny Buddah, and Pick the Brain.

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Q: What are some ways to be more confident?
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What are some ways to become confident?

There are many ways to become more confident, even if you are one of millions who suffer with excessive shyness. Although it takes time to build self-assurance, some simple tips can help you on your way: Remember your talents and skills that make you yourself. Look approachable and have positive body language.

How to be more self confidence?

There are some ways to become more self confident. Try volunteering. Volunteering is an excellent way to build self confidence. It helps you to get out and be around other people who are making a difference. You will feel like you are needed and it will give you a feeling of accomplishment. I have written an article on ways to be more self confident. If you'd like to read it, I've enclosed the link.

Confident in a sentence?

I am confident about my ability to do the job.The players seem more relaxed and confident this season.He has become more confident in his Spanish-speaking skills.They have a confident air about them.We are confident that conditions will improve soon.

How can you get a girl to really like you?

You shouldprobably get a tattoo, or grow a beard. Or grow some balls and ask her out. girls like confidence, and beards above all. The more confident they are the more confident you need to be.

Ways to get guys to like you?

be yourself,be confident,and the ones that are worth it will like you for you

What is the antonym of smirk?

confident smile, beam, grin, leer check if you want some more

What are the winning ways of success?

My suggestion is that you should be confident on your point . if you think you are wrong then you should think not only according to your way but also from others point of view . you should have a confident personality , good clothes so that u should have more confidence in u.

What does get your guts mean?

be more confident

Words you can make with the word confident?

Some words that you can make from the word confident are:codcodecoifcoinconconfidecotdendentdicediddiedietdindinedondoneededitendeonfedfenfendfiefinfindfinefitfoefontIiceiconidifininnionitneonniceninenonodenonenotnoteodeofononetentidetietintinetinttotoetontonetonic

How can you become more attractive?

Be confident in yourself - there's nothing sexier than someone who's confident in who they are.

Why is it important to appear confident when communicating with them?

confident person makes his answer appear correct and convince more listeners.

In what ways do people who are lonely differ from people who are not lonely?

people who are lonely act depressed and sluggish. Because they feel unloved and unwanted. People who arent lonely act more confident.