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Q: What are ten geometry terms that start with the letter a?
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What are ten geometry terms that begin with the letter A?

I can think of only 7 terms. · acute angle · algorithm · altitude · angle · area · arc · axis

What geometry word starts with the letter d?

How about a decagon which is a ten sided polygon

How many minutes in ten miles?

GEOMETRY: On a spheroid, which is where degrees, minutes, and seconds can be used for measurement of distance or position, the answer depends on the orientation of the line segment and possibly the latitude of the start and end points (if the line segment is not precisely north-south). In two-dimensional geometry, such as a line on paper, the term "minutes" has no meaning in terms of measurement. TRAVEL TIME: The answer depends on your speed. At 60 MPH, there are ten minutes in ten miles.

What are some ten letter words that start with the letter A and end with the letter C?

Ten letter words beginning with A and ending with C:AchromaticAllergenicAlphabeticAltruisticAnalyticalAnestheticAntitheticApologeticApoplecticArithmeticAstigmaticAstronomic

What are ten abstract nouns that start with the letter P?

Examples of abstract nouns that start with the letter 'p' are:passionpeaceperilpersonalitypleasurepolicypoliticspromisepunishmentpurpose

Are there any math terms that start with T?

Trigonometry, triangle, times, ten, thousand . . . .

What are ten geometry words that began with the same letter?

Pythagoras Pyramid Perimeter Pentagon Pi Polygon Polyhedron Parallelogram Perpendicular Prism

Ten letter word with no repeating letters and start with S?


What are some ten letter words that start with the letter n?

· nauseating · neighborly · nonchalant · noteworthy · nutritious

What are ten geometry terms with same first letter?

1 Rhombus 2 Radius 3 Radian 4 Right angle 5 Rectangle 6 Rotational symmetry 7 Reflection 8 Reflex angle 9 Rules of formulae 10 Round shaped

Words that start with the letter t?

type tiny ten turn turth

What is a ten letter word starting with s?

Some 10 letter words that start with the letter s:sabbaticalsacramentssalamandersaltshakersalutationsatisfyingsaturationscandalizescandalousscholasticschoolbookschoolroomscoreboardscrapbooksscripturesseamstresssecondhandsecuritizesemicircleseparationsettlementsextupletsshockinglyskirmishesskyscrapersleepyhead,smokestacksnowflakessnowmobilesolidaritysongwritersororitiessoundproofsouthboundspacecraftspecialistspellboundsquabblingsqueakiestsqueezablestagecoachstarvationstationerystatuesquestepfatherstorybooksstrategizestrawberrysubchaptersubjectivesubsidiarysweatshirtswitchbacksymbolismssynthesize

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