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United States, China, Japan, Germany & Canada ( Average of 2005 - 2009 )

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Q: What are theTop 5 paper producing countries?
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What are the top 5 paper producing countries?


Which are the top 5 jute producing countries?


List the top 5 corn producing countries?

orissa is the top corn producing state of india, (tapan martha-rathipur -khurda

What are the top 5 energy producing countries?


Who are the top 5 countries producing chicken today?

Yeah, because i want to know where im eating from.

How much petroleum is produced by top 5 oil producing countries?

go find it your self freak

What are the top 5 rubber producing countries?

Thailand Malaysia Indonesia

Who are the top 5 gold producing countries in the world?

The most recent figures (2008) for the top gold producing countries in the world are: * China * USA * South Africa * Australia * Russia See website below for more details.

Who are the five top tea producing companies in the world?

While I could not get you the top five companies in the world I did find the top 5 tea producing countries and they are: China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Taiwan (and other top tea producing countries include Vietnam, Russia, Argentina, Kenya, Nepal etc. Warm climates with lush soil and mountainous regions are great for growing tea) A list of these tea producing countries can be found here: See related links

What are the main producing countries of corn?

top 5 countries: Argentina Brazil Canada China Egypt

Which are the top 5 silk producing countries?

china , Thailand, India ,Mediterranean , Islamic world, Medieval and modern Europe ,North America

What are the top ten coconut producing countries?

1.Philippines 2.Indonesia 3.India 4.Thailand 5.Sri Lanka

What are the top five nuclear energy producing countries?

The top five nuclear energy producing countries (as % total) are: 1.Lithuania 2.France 3.Belgium 4.Sweden 5.Ukraine

What information is given on the map and chart?

The top 5 rice producing countries in Asi, and the metric tons of rice produc d in each contry

What is the area of these top 5 wheat producing countries?

The top 5 wheat producing countries and their areas are:China (9,596,960 km2)India (3,166,144 km2)United States (9,826,675 km2)Russia (17,098,242 km2)France (674,843 km2)

What are the some countries that produce oil?

the top 5 oil producing countries are... 1. Russia 2. Saudi Arabia 3. US 4. Iran 5. China

Which are the top 5 gold producing countries?

In 2007 China, South Africa, India, the U.S., and Russia. South African was the largest producer for about 100 years until 2007, producing just 7 tons less than China.

What are the top 5 coal producing states?

The top 5 coal producing countries in the world are: 1. China 2. United States 3. Australia 4. India 5. South Africa The top 5 producing states in the U.S. are: 1. Wyoming 2. West Virginia 3. Kentucky 4. Pennsylvania 5. Illinois

What are the 5 largest wine producing states?

The 5 largest wine producing states are: # California # New York # Washington # Oregon # Texas

Which are the top 5 platinum producing countries?

South Africa Zimbabwe USA Venezuela Russia

What are the top 5 oil exporting countries in the world?

Before answering, note that the top 5 oil exporting countries will be a bit different from the top 5 oil producing countries, which on the latter list, Russia and the US are at the top two spots. So, the top 5 oil exporting countries are:Saudi ArabiaRussiaIranUAENorway

Which are the top 5 gold producing countries in Africa?

1. South Africa 2. Ghana 3. Mali 4. Tanzania 5. Guinea

What are the 5 major oil producing countries?

1. Saudi Arabia 2. Russia 3. United States 4. Iran 5. Mexico

What are the 5 countries in the polar climate?

the 5 countries that has a polar climate is north and south countries

Why was Yugoslavia split into 5 countries?

It was split into 8 countries not 5

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