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There are not just 13 non-palindromic numbers. Most numbers are non-palindromic.

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Q: What are the 13 non-palindromic number?
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The smallest nonpalindromic number whose square is a palindrome?


What is the smallest nonpalindromic number whose square is a palindrome?

262 = 676

What number can go into 13 what number can go into 13 what number can go into 13?

1 can go into 13. 13 can go into 13.

What number times what number gives you 13?

as 13 is a prime number 13 = 13 x1

How many numbers go into 13?

13 is a prime number so only 13 and one can go into it

When is a number divisible by 13?

A number is divisible by 13 if it is a multiple of 13. In other words, 13 times a number results in a big number that is divisible by 13.

What is the triangle number of 13?

13 is not a triangle number. The 13th triangle number is 91.

All the facts about the number 13?

13 is not an unlucky number it is superstitious. I love the number 13

What number is relatively prime to 13?

Since 13 is a prime number (i.e., 13 is the only factor of 13), any number that is not a multiple of 13 is relatively prime to it.

Is the number 13 a prime number or composite?

13 is a prime number.

Is number 13 fiction?

no, it is no. the number 13 is a real number. It is not imaginary.

What two numbers multiply together to equal 13?

none, because 13 is a prime number.

What is the decimal number of the binary number 13 in the OCT counting system?

There is no decimal number for the binary number 13 because 13 cannot be a binary number.

What number number goes into 13?

The number 13 is prime, so only 1 and itself (13) "go into" it.

Is negative 13 over 12 rational?

-13/12 is a rational number

Is 13 a even number?

No. 13 is an odd number.

What times what equals 13?

The only number is 13 X 1 or 1 X 13... If your trying to get an equation to equal 13 you have to add up to get to 13.Example- 9+4x1= 13

What is the ordinal number before 13?

13 is a cardinal number, not an ordinal number.

10.4 of what number is 13?

10.4 of the number 1.25 is equivalent to the number 13.

What is the total number of electrons in an atom with n atomic number of 13 and a mass number of 25?

13 electrons, because the atomic number is 13.

What is the reciprocal or multiplicative inverse of -13?

the reciprocal (aka multiplicative inverse) of a number is 1/number, so the reciprocal of -13 is -1/13 (I moved the negative from the 13 to the 1 as per convention, 1/-13 = -1/13). The reciprocal of any number is what you have to multiply that number by to yield 1. -13 * -1/13 = (-13*-1)/13 = 13/13 = 1

Is 13 a composite number?

No 13 is not a composite number. 13 is only divisible by 1 and itself. So it is a prime number.

What is the number of electrons protons and neutrons in Aluminum 26?

The atomic number of Al is 13. So it has 13 protons and 13 electrons. In Al-26, there are 13 neutrons (mass number = number of protons + number of neutrons).

What is the prime factorization number 13?

1 x 13 (13 is a prime number)

Is 13 over 24 irrational?

13/24 is a rational number