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The two main roots in math are square roots and cubed roots. The square root is what number squared is your original number. For example the square root of 25 is 5 because 5 x 5 is 25. For cubed roots it is what numbered cubed is your original number.

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Q: What are the 2 main types of roots?
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What kind of roots do mangroves have?

Mangroves have 3 main types of roots 1) Rhizophora roots 2) Prop roots 3) Pencil roots

The two main types of roots systems are?

Fibrous and tap roots

What are the 4 types of roots?

The are four main types of roots. These include tarproots, tubers, bulbs, and rhizomes. Different types of roots demand different living conditions.

What are the main types of roots of a plant?

fiberouse, frinderious, lnseriouse, and Ariel roots

What types of roots are there-?

There are two main types of roots systems, the fibrous root system and the tap root system.

What are the 2 types of root?

The 2 types of roots in a plant are fibrous and tap root

What are main types of roots?

Adventitious roots, aerating roots, aerial roots, contractile roots, coarse roots, fine rootsm haustorial roots, propagative roots, proteoid roots, stilt roots, storage roots, structural roots, surface roots, and tuberous roots.

What are 3 different types of roots?

1) tap root 2) fibrous roots and 3) adventitious roots or aerial roots

The two main types of root systems are what?

Tap root and Adventitious roots

Different types of roots?

types of roots

Types of roots?

taproot and 2.fibrous root

What are the two types of roots?

Fibrous roots and taproots are the two types of roots

What is the purpose of the jobs of roots?

the roots do 2 main things get water to the plant and hold the plant into the ground

What are the 2 main female voices types?

the main types are: soprano and mezzo soprano

What are the two main types of timber?

The 2 main types of timber are Softwoods and Hardwoods.

What are the various types of root modification?

Some of the root modifications are: 1.Tuberous roots 2.Velamine roots 3.Photosynthetic roots 4.Respiratory roots 5.Parasytic roots 6.Nodular roots

What types of roots does jowar have?

Fibrous roots

3 types of roots?

fibrous roots tap roots adventitous roots =P

What 2 crops grow in Sweden?

Potatoes and different types of beet roots.

What are 2 main types of ions?

+ and -

Major types of root system?

Plants have three types of root systems: 1.) taproot, with a main taproot that is large and grows faster than the branch roots; 2.) fibrous, with all roots about the same size; 3.) adventitious, roots that form on any plant part other than the roots. Fibrous systems are characteristic of grasses and are shallower than the taproot systems found on most eudicots and many gymnosperms.

What are the 3 types of roots in sugarcane?

Aerial roots

What types of roots are found in maize?

stilt roots

What 2 main things do stems of plants do?

they connect the roots to the leaves and hold the plant up they carry the food to the leaves from the roots

What are 2 types of skeletal systems?

The main types are endoskeletons and exoskeletons.