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Positive and Negative

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Q: What are the 2 sides of a magnet called?
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What are both sides of a magnet called?

north and south

The 2 ends of a magnet are called its what?

The 2 ends of a magnet are called its north & south pole

How do you levitate a magnet?

Have a magnet underneath it with opposite sides facing each other or hold a magnet over the magnet you are trying to levitate. Opposite sides facing each other

What are the two sides of magnet called?

north pole and south pole

A shape that has 4 sides and 2 parallel sides?

A trapezoid is a shape that has 4 sides and 2 parallel sides. The sides that are parallel are called the bases.

A hexagon has many sides what is that called called?

A hexagon is a 2-dimensional figure with six sides. In general, a 2-dimensional figure with many sides is called a polygon.

What is a 2-d shape with 9 sides called?


Which side of a magnet is stronger?

both sides (poles) of a magnet have the same magnetic charge

Can there be one magnet with two positive sides?


Do opposite sides on a Magnet attract?


Can two same sides of a magnet touch?


Facts about magnet?

Magnets have 2 different sides called North pole and South pole. If a north pole is attracted to another north pole they will repelel same with a south and a south pole.

What are the different between natural magnet and artificial magnet?

magnet which we get naturally from earth is called natural magnet e.g: lodestone.. while magnet made from magnetic material is called artificial magnet ...

What is a U shaped magnet called?

Such a magnet is ordinarily called a "Horseshoe" magnet due to its resemblance to a horseshoe.

What is 2 dimensional shape has 12 sides?

A 2 dimensional shape that has 12 sides is called a: Dodecagon

What is the two sides of an isosceles triangle called?

It has 2 congruent sides and a base

What is a shape called with 2 triangular sides and two square sides?


Why do magnets repeal?

This is because magnets have north and south poles, which attract and repel each other. Opposite sides of the magnet attract each other like a south pole of the magnet touching the north pole of another magnet, while the same sides of a magnet like a north pole of one magnet touching a north pole from another magnet.

Is a permanent magnet called a hard magnet or a electromagnet?

Perminant magnet

What are the 2 sides in basketball what are they called?

There is two

What sides of the magnet attract?

opposite poles attract

What is a magnetic force of a magnet called?

The magnetic force of a magnet is called magnetism.

When 2 sides meet what is the point called?

Intersection point in lines & in figures' sides it's called vertex.

A four sides with 2 pairs of parallel sides no right angle is called?


What is the real name of magnet?

a magnet is called a MAGNET WHEREVER