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Q: What is 2 straight sides of an angle called?
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A four sides with 2 pairs of parallel sides no right angle is called?


What is a angle with 2 equal side called?

square has 2 equal sides

Why is a straight angle not considered an angle in geometry?

A straight angle is an angle.

What are 2 angles that together form a straight angle?

By a straight angle I assume you mean an 180° angle, so two angles that form a 180° angle would be called supplementary angles.

What term describes a ray that divides and angle in half?

When a ray divides an angle(Which is formed by 2 straight lines) in half that is equally on both the sides, it is termed as Angle Bisector.

What is a striaght triangle?

Probably a right angle triangle because it has 2 straight sides that are perpendicular to each other

How many sides does an angle have?

An angle must have 2 sides or it is no longer an angle.

What angle has 999 sides?

None. An angle has 2 sides.

What is the exterior angle sum of a trapezoid?

The exterior angle sum of ANY plane polygon (ie 2-dimensional figure with straight sides) is 360 degrees.

What 2d shape has 2 straight sides that form an obtuse angle and 1 curved side?

A major sector of a curve.

What kind of angle is 96 degrees?

Angles larger than a right angle and smaller than a straight angle (between 90° and 180°) are called obtuse angles ("obtuse" meaning "blunt"). An angle equal to 1. /. 2 turn (180° or π radians) is called a straight angle.

The name of triangle which 2 angle and 2 sides are equal?

a triangle who has 2 angle and 2 sides that are equal are called.... um... >.>; idk... a isosoleces triangle(not sure about spelling) check it out -->