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independent variable,depedent variable and control variable are the 3 kinds of variables.

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Q: What are the 3 kinds of variables?
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3 kinds systems of linear equations in two variables?


What are two kinds of variables?

Dependent and independent (Experimental variables)Primitives and Reference variables (Java Programming)...

Anova depends on having independent variables describe an abuse that might occur by having dependent variables?

there are three kinds of variables.a variable must be a situation,condition or a factor1.change or manipulated variables.-are the variables that are being tested or changed.2.constant variables.-are the variables that you are not intended to test or study,or the variables to be kept constant.3.responding variables.-are the results of the maipulated variables.

What are the kinds of variables in a science project?

independent, dependent, controlled

What are the three different kinds of variable and describe each?

the three kinds of variables are independent,dependent and controlled

What are the 3 types of variables?

the three (3) types of variables are: - controlled - manipulated - responding.

3 types of variables?

controlled,manipulated,responding variables

How many variables an 8-square eliminates?

3 variables

What are three types of variables in a controlled experiment?

1 Categorical variables 2 Quantitative variables 3 Ordinal variables

What are three types of variables in a controlled experiments?

1 Categorical variables 2 Quantitative variables 3 Ordinal variables

What are the values that are used in a function?

There are several possibilities. They can be called arguments and there are two kinds, variables and constants. Variables can have different values and constants are always the same.

The independent variable is plotted on what axis?

It depends on the number of variables and their nature: 2 variables, both independent: either axis 2 variables, one independent: x-axis 3 variables, all independent: any axis 3 variables, 2 independent: x or y-axis. 3 variables, 1 independent: x-axis. and so on.

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