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Q: What are the 3 wires on the maf sensor which is positive and negative?
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Vw 2001 beetle 2.0 with accleration problems?

My family has a 2000 VW Beetle 2.0 Std Trans. It idles okay. But as you drive the vehicle starts to stall. But as you step off the gas pedal the engine starts back up. If you try to open the throttle the engine almost stalls. The engine has had new spark plug and head gaskets and new fuel pump and new fuel filter. Codes are 300 301 302 303 304. Timing belt was also replaced. Im thinking maybe the timing is off. O2 sensor reading 800 and then almost 20 then 10 when it starts to stall. Then back up to 800 after you let it idle. So the engine is leaning out and not letting the injectors work correctly. So you have any other Ideas that I can do or parts that need replacing. Oh yes MAF has been replaced too!!

Where could you find a turbo charger for a 1997 Pontiac Firebird with a 3800 series 2 engine?

No aftermarket company currently makes a turbo kit for any late model v6 F-bodys. A guy names Tiago designed and built a prototype system for both with incredibly results (340hp on the 3.4 and over 380hp (untuned) with boost leaks on the 3.8, but both were prototypes of a personally owned company that has not been marketed yet). To build one yourself you'll first need access to good pipe bending and welding equipment. Youll need to fabricate a Y-pipe that runs back to the engine bay where you can weld a flange for both the turbo and the wastegate. Youll also need to fabricate a custom downpipe that runs from the turbo to the exhaust system. As far as the intercooler is concerned, because the best way to take advantage of 3.8 liters of displacement is to use turbo whose A/R trim is between 55 and 65, and you dont need to run boost over 7psi, an intercooler is totally necessary. The best way to position it is actually horizontally between the back of the front bumper and the radiator (so that it points down and the plastic underbody spoiler actually scoops air INTO the intercooler and gives it a very sleeper look). The rest is simple: weld a blowoff valve onto the IC piping and run the piping to the turbo and the other side to the MAF/TB in the front of the car. Logistically, its not that hard to make one, but fabricating an entire custom exhaust system is what becomes the true challenge. Keeping it simple is one thing, but making it the right size so you dont have to do tons of other upgrades like fuel delivery and ignition is another. If you have the means, money, and will do develop your own custom system; do it to it, with tuning and some down time, turbo 3.8s are meaner than any old stang or vettes around and to lift the hood is to put them to shame. -jay (

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What color wires go to the maf sensor on the 2006 Scion xb?

What color wires at the maf sensor belong to the iat sensor?

What two color wires are the iat on the maf sensor wires for a 2000 eclipse with 2.4 liter?

what two wires are the iat from the maf sensor on a Mitsubishi eclipse gs

What type of MAF sensor enhancer do you need for Digital frequency type MAF i have a 1999 ford ranger trying to hook up hho system but all enhancers say does not work with Digital frequency type MAF?

What if your maf sensor doesn't have a wire like this (frequency type)?* If your maf sensor doesn't have a wire with this varying voltage signal, then you have a frequency based sensor.* You will have probably two wires with a negative ground signal running through them. That's the wires to focus on. One of these ground wires will be the one to hook the enhancer up to.* We found the correct ground wire to enhance through trial and error. There were only two wires with a negative- signal to test.* When the enhancer was installed on the correct negative wire, the vehicle responded to the mpg max enhancer just like any voltage type map sensor would.* You should be able to make the engine shut off at will by adjusting unit to a full lean condition.

What color are the IAT sensor wires?

what are the colors of the wires of the IAT/MAF for a Chevy silverado 2007 1500 4.8L

What color is the wires on the maf sensor and how many is it on a 83' 280zx turbo?

The maf sensor is one of those cases that has got key distinction that is going to involve trained tending to on

Where is the IAT sensor on a 2007 ford ranger 4.0L which are the two wires?

Green/White and Violet/Grey Wires on the intake air duck MAF sensor.

What causes a 1990 3.1 liter engine to surge at an idle?

Clean the MAF sensor with CRC MAF cleaner, do not touch the sensor wires, you'll damage the unit and freah is ~ $175.00

Air temperature sensor on a 2004 silverado 4.8l?

The intake air temperature sensor on a 2004 Silverado is located in the 5 wire MAF sensor coming from the air fiter box. It can be relocated by cutting and splicing the tan and black wires going to the MAF sensor.

Where is the MAF sensor on a 2004 Jeep Liberty?

It does not have a maf sensor.

Where is the maf sensor at in a 1997 Chrysler town and country?

A 1997 Chrysler does not have a MAF sensor.A 1997 Chrysler does not have a MAF sensor.

Where is the ambient air temp sensor on f-350 6.2 l?

It's usually one of the wires in the MAF

Where is the maf sensor located on a 1998 dodge avenger?

It does not have a maf sensor.