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Duty: Duty exists when the physician-patient relationship has been established. The patient has sought the assistance of the physician, and the physician has knowingly undertaken to provide the needed medical service.

Dereliction: Dereliction, or failure to perform a duty, is the second element required. There must be proof that the physician somehow neglected the duty to the patient.

Direct cause: There must be proof that the harm to the patient was directly caused by the physician's actions or failure to act and that the harm would not otherwise have occurred.

Damages: The patient must prove that a loss or harm has resulted from the actions of the physician.

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define the 4 D's of negligence for the physician

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Q: What are the 4 D's of negligence for physicians?
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The four D's of medical negligence are duty, derelict, direct cause and damages. The duty must show that a physician\ patient relationship, derelict must show that the physician failed to comply with standards of his profession, direct causes must show damages occurred due to negligence, and damages are the responsibility of the patient to prove injury occurred.

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Concerning medical negligence, the 'four D's of negligence' is: "Dereliction of a Duty Directly causing Damages."(Dereliction means deliberate or conscious neglect)

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