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Addition (+), Substraction (-), Division ( / ), and Multiplication ( x ).

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Q: What are the 4 basic maths symbols?
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In maths do you have to youse simbals?

Yes - you use symbols like + - / * for basic maths, as well as those for square root etc

What are other symbols for division in maths?


What are the symbols of maths?

For me it was usually D....LOL!!

How many math symbols are there?

there are 41 maths symbols LOOK ON AN ADVANCED CALCULATOR

What are the different types of math problems?

There are 4 basic maths operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

what are basic symbols used in roman system?


What sort of maths use symbols instead of numbers?


9 4 6 equals 6 what are the missing math symbols between the numbers?

The missing maths symbols are x and ÷, 9x4=36, 36÷6=6. 9x4÷6=6

What are the basic symbols of Hindu Arabic numeral system and roman numeral system?

Hindu-Arabic basic numeral symbols are: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9 Roman basic numeral symbols are: I V X L C D and M

How do you plus?

You use Plus as a symbol in Maths. Example, 2 Plus 2 equals 4. Or in symbols it would be 2+2=4. __________________________ Plus = + Equals = = (Equals equals =)

The basic visual symbols in the language of art?

as a group,what are the basic visual symbols in the language of art called

What maths do you need to fly for a big airline?

i do not know i have herd that you can take maths literacy as they are computers on board that do the calculations for you. i have been told by pilots that you do basic maths such as grade 8-9 geometry and algebra. and simple maths such as basic adition subtraction division and multiplacation.

What is 61 -35?


What are the basic symbols used?


) What are the basic symbols used in roman numerals?

I, V, X, L, C, D and M.

Basic maths papers for 2 puc?

2200 BY 17

What is the basic subjects in high school?

English maths and science

What does 90 times 7 equal?

630 ! Basic maths !

What are Hindu Arabic numerical system and roman system What are the basic symbols used?

The basic symbols are I,X,L,C,D&M

What are the basic symbols in social dance?

basic symbolsi n social dance

What are the basic geometric symbols?

Circle and triangle

What is the syllabus for 1st yr diploma in mechanical engineering?

English basic physics basic chemistry basic maths these r theory subjs

Do you need maths a to become an electrian?

Yes of course you do. You need maths in practically every occupation. You need the maths for the wires. The basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is needed alot.

What skills should a cashier have?

Basic maths and a friendly, helpful personality.

How many years are in 15 months?

1.25 Source: Basic maths.