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Adjacent means next to. So you're asking what sides of a triangle are next to the right angle of a triangle. That would be the 2 shorter sides of the triangle or 'legs' of the triangle. The hypotenuse (which is the longest side of the triangle) is directly across from the right angle.

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Q: What are the Sides adjacent to the right angle of a triangle?
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What is the name for the sides of a right triangle that are adjacent to the right angle?

Opposite and adjacent sides.

What is a adjacent triangle?

Two sides adjacent to a right angle.

The __ of a right triangle are the sides that are adjacent to the right angle?


Sides adjacent to the right angle of a triangle?

Those are the triangle's "legs".

What is the ratio of the adjacent and hypotenuse sides of a right triangle?

That's the cosine of the angle to which the 'adjacent' side is adjacent.

What are the types of sides in trigonometry?

They are: opposite, adjacent and hypotenuse sides for a right angle triangle

How do you label sides of a right angle triangle?

A right angle triangle has an hypotenuse which is its longest side, an adjacent side and an opposite side.

Are adjacent sides perpindicular?

Sometimes as in a square, rectangle or a right angle triangle

What are the sides of a triangle called?

Given the reference perspective of a specific angle the sides are are the adjacent sides and the opposite side If we have a right triangle the longest side (opposite the right angle) is the hypotenuse.

What are two sides of the right triangle that are not opposite to the right angle?

They are the adjacent and the opposite sides with the hypotenuse being the longest side

What shape has one pair of adjacent perpendicular sides but no parallel sides?

It fits the description of a right angle triangle

Which shape has no parallel sides but at least 1 pair of adjacent perpendicular sides?

It could be a right angle triangle

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