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108 degrees determined by the formula 180(sides - 2) / sides remember that

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Q: What are the angles-in degrees-of a regular pentagon?
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Find the exterior of a regular pentagon?

the exterior of a regular pentagon is? the exterior of a regular pentagon is?

Is a pentagon regular?

A pentagon can be regular, or irregular.

How is a regular pentagon different than a pentagon?

A regular pentagon is both equiangular and equilateral.

Is a pentagon a regular or a irregular polygon?

A pentagon can be regular or irregular.

How many degrees are in a regular pentagon?

There are 540 degrees in a regular pentagon. A pentagon consists of 5 angles and in a regular pentagon, each of the angles is 108 degrees.

What are the attributes of a pentagon?

1) A regular pentagon has 5 sides 2) A regular pentagon has sides that are all the same lenghth 3) A regular pentagon has 5 lines of symmetry 4) A regular pentagon has all obtuse angles

Why is pentagon is not regular?

A 5 sided pentagon is not regular when its sides are not of equal lengths.

Is a pentagon a regular polygon?

No. A pentagon is a polygon. It may or may not be regular.

What is the difference between a Pentagon and regular pentagon?

a pentagon has 5 sides, a regular pentagon has 5 EQUAL sides A Regular Pentagon is a shape that has equal angles and side lengths. It is type of Pentagon. Pentagons do not have to have equal sides and lengths.

Does a regular pentagon only haVE parallel lines?

No lines are parallel in a regular pentagon.

Does a regular pentagon have parallel sides?

No, none of the sides are parallel on a regular pentagon.

Does a pentagon have parallel and perpendicular lines?

A regular pentagon does not. An irregular pentagon can.