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No lines are parallel in a regular pentagon.

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Q: Does a regular pentagon only haVE parallel lines?
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Does a pentagon and hexagon have parallel lines?

A hexagon has three pairs of parallel sides. A pentagon has no lines parallel. Above answer is correct but only if they are regular hexagon and pentagons. A non-regular hexagon can have as little as none parallel lines. A non-regular pentagon can have two parallel lines.

What 3 shapes have 1 set of parallel lines?

A trapezoid, trapezium and a pentagon have only 1 set of parallel lines.

Are there 3 parallel lines in a regular heptagon?

No, only 1 parallel line

What shap has only one set of parallel lines?

A trapezoid, trapezium and a pentagon have only 1 set of parallel linesRead more: What_3_shapes_have_1_set_of_parallel_lines

What shape only has 1 pair of parallel lines that is also regular?

A parallelogram has 1 pair of parallel lines that is also regular. See the related link.

Which figure has more lines of symmetry A square or a pentagon?

In general, a square. A square always has 4 lines of symmetry. A pentagon need not have any. Only a regular pentagon can have 5 lines of symmetry. But if you created pentagons from sides with random lengths then, assuming the pentagons existed, only a tiny fraction would be regular: most pentagons would have no axes of symmetry.

How many possible line of symmetry does a pentagon have?

At most 5, since all symmetry lines must pass by a vertex. It has 5 if and only if the pentagon is regular.

What has 2 right angles and 2 parallel lines?

A square or rectangle are the only regular polygons, but many other shapes have two right angles and two parallel lines.

Do all pentagons have line symmetry?

only if the pentagon is a regular pentagon. otherwise maybe not.

Does rhombus and kite have parallel lines?

Yes, they do have parallel lines. * * * * * Only rhombuses do, kites do not.

Are two lines with different slopes are parallel?

No, only lines that have the same slope can be parallel.

Does a triangle have a set of parallel lines?

No. it is the only polygon that can not have parallel lines all though any regular polygon with an odd number of lines will have no parallel lines If three points were in a straight line it could be argued that these formed a triangle with parallel sides, though really it would be just a line; or if we had a triangle with infinite height the sides would be parallel. In any other case, no.

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