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the scale degrees of an exterior angles sum. (360 degrees) subtract the product of the diagnols bisectors

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Q: What are the branches of the pentagon?
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What were the five branches that where represented at the pentagon?

A pentagon represents freedom in together ness

What does the 5 sides on the pentagon represent?

The 5 sides of the Pentagon represent the 5 branches.

Is the Pentagon building that houses the 5 branches of our military in Virginia a Regular Pentagon?


What do the 5 sides of the pentagon mean?

The 5 sides of the Pentagon represent the 5 branches

What does each side of the pentagon in washington dc mean?

Each of the 5 branches of the military has a side of the pentagon.

What does the 5 branches of the pentagon represent?

The 5 branches of the military - Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

What are the five branches of the pentagon?

Army,Air Force,Navy,Marines,Coast Guard

Why was the pentagon called pentagon?

because bob named it that... Ok? If you mean the building, it is because it is pentagonal in shape. If you mean the shape, "pentagon" is greek for "five angles". Actually, I think the Pentagon is named so because of the five branches of the military: U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard. And then it was built to be five sided to represent those branches.

Why is the pentagon building in the shape of a pentagon?

the original answer was : It represents the US. military's five branches of service: Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and the Coast Guard. This can't possibly be true, the Air Force was establish in 1947. The Pentagon was built in 1943. ?

Why is the pentagon US shaped like a pentagon?

It was named after a pentagon, it wasn't the 'Pentagon' that named the 'pentagon'.

What is the difference between the pentagon and the pentagon building?

They are both the same. Pentagon is just a shorter way of saying the pentagon building. As for if you meant the shape pentagon, it is called the pentagon because it's shape is a pentagon.

What shape is the base of pentagon?

A Pentagon. That's why its call a Pentagon.

Why does the pentagon has the name of pentagon?

Because it's shaped like a pentagon. A pentagon is a five-sized shape.

Is a polygon a pentagon a pentagon and why?

Polygons by definition have three or more sides. A pentagon has five sides. A pentagon is a polygon.

Does a pentagon have parallel and perpendicular lines?

A regular pentagon does not. An irregular pentagon can.

What are Pentagon shapes?

The Pentagon

What is the address of the Pentagon Renovation Construction Program at the Pentagon?

the pentagon is where the government lives =)

Angles in a pentagon?

there is 4 angles in a pentagon

Where does the word pentagon originate?

The word pentagon comes from the Greek word pentagon on

Does a pentagon have a pair of perpendicular lines?

An irregular pentagon can. A regular pentagon cannot.

What is the difference between a Pentagon and regular pentagon?

a pentagon has 5 sides, a regular pentagon has 5 EQUAL sides A Regular Pentagon is a shape that has equal angles and side lengths. It is type of Pentagon. Pentagons do not have to have equal sides and lengths.

What is a equilateral pentagon?

Equilateral just means equal sided. An equilateral pentagon is therefore a pentagon with all its sides of equal length. If an equilateral pentagon is also an equal-angled pentagon then it is called a regular pentagon.

What is a 3D pentagon?

a 3D pentagon

What objects are pentagon shapes?

The Pentagon

What is a pentagon with no right angle?

a pentagon.

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