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basic factors attributed to digital divide include economic resources, education, information literacy skill and personal motivation,there a lot of others factors

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Q: What are the causes of digital divide?
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Who were a part of the digital divide?

We are a part of the digital divide

When was Digital Divide Network created?

Digital Divide Network was created in 1999.

The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access is known as the?

Digital divide

What are examples of digital divide around the world?

an example of a digital divide is a computer,pod,TV and more.

What does the Digital Divide group offer?

The Digital Divide is an inequality between two groups in terms of technological equipment and knowledge. This is usually a divide between elderly and younger citizens.

Is the digital divide widening or narrowing?


What two things can close the digital divide?

Increasing knowledge and efficient access to the Internet are two related forces that need to be addressed to close the digital divide.

What are the measure taken to narrow the digital divide?


Who are on the inferior end of the digital divide?

The man is watching YOU

Can you stop the digital divide?

Press Alt F4.

What is the impact of the digital divide within the UK?

batty boi

When did the digital divide start?

The same time the information age began.