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Q: What are the cons of the functionalist stratification theory?
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What functionalist is about?

compare and contrast the functionalist and marxist pesperctive on social stratification

What is the functionalist perspective of social stratification?

Understanding the roles of every individual in a given society.

What is functionalist theory?

Functionalist theory is part of sociology. It is an agreement between all members of society to ensure that it functions.

Using the structural-functionalist approach compare the political system in USSR 1985 and RUSSIA 2002?

What is the structural functionalist approach to sexuality and gender stratification?

Do you believe the structural-functionalist or the social conflict approach best explains social stratification?

I believe that the social conflict approach best explains the social stratification.

Discuss the main thrust of the structural functionalist theory in sociology highlighting personian and mertonian perspectives?

discu the main thrust of the structural functionalist theory on sociogy

What is a functionalist?

A functionalist, or functionalism, is a main theory of sociology. Functionalism explores each facet of society, and what it contributes to the whole.

Is value consensus is a concept with functionalist theory?


Functionalist theory on the role of education?

do your homework yourself

Who developed the functionalist theory of sociology?

Emile Durkheim

Which theory of stratification views unequal social rewards as necessary for the stability of the system?

Conflict theory.

Assess the functionalist view of socialization?

In functionalist theory of socialisation, there are two prominent figures that support this theory. The two figures are Emile Durkheim and Talcott Parson. Socialisation itself refers to the process of learning roles, norms, and values whether it is a choice or given.

Was Max Weber a functionalist?

Yes he was. His theory was that Ideas cause social structure. This is in contrast to Durkheim's theory of social structure causes social structure.

What is the functionalist theory on media?

There are five functional approaches the media serves users:surveillance,correlation,transmission,entertainment,and mobilization.

If Durkheim was a functionalist what was Weber?

Weber was a functionalist, also.

What is functionalist perspective on family?

what is functionalist perspection on family

In sociological terms what does value consensus mean?

general agreement on society's norms and values. Core concept in functionalist theory.

What are the five basic characteristics of social stratification?

The five basic characteristics of social stratification are: a) Ancient Stratification / The Antiquity of Social stratification b) The Ubiquity of Stratification c) The Social Patterning of Stratification d) The Diversity of Form and Amount of Stratification e) The Consequences of Stratification

What is the functionalist theory of culture?

It looks at organisations as structured wholes and culture as a variable within. The culture is manufactured by leaders and influential figures.

What are the Pros and cons of the social contract theory?

pro you get protection cons you lose the ablity to make desicions and you lose freedom

What is structural functionalist theory in sociology?

A functinalist believe that family and marriage life is equal and that without the Nuclear family society wouldn't work.

What has the author Edward Robert DeZurko written?

Edward Robert DeZurko has written: 'Origins of functionalist theory' -- subject(s): Aesthetics, Architecture

The functionalist approach says that?

The functionalist approach says culture is like a biological organism.

What is the difference between conflict and functionalist theories on religion? The difference between conflict and functionalist theories on religion are: *Conflict theory refers to religion as "the sigh of the oppressed creature, the sentiment of a heartless world, and the soul of the soulless condition. It is the opium of the people. *Functionalist theory defines religion as a means of binding together a community or which alleviates a person's fear of mortality. Religion doesn't exist to explain our world but rather to help us survive in the world, but whether by binding us together socially or by supporting us psychologically and emotionally. Therefore conflict theory believe religion was made to oppress person for eg. the male s use the BIBLE to keep women submissive, while functionalist theory believes religion is to bind persons together for eg. in the BIBLE, we are referred to as one.

What kind of question does a functionalist ask?

A functionalist is a person who strongly believes in the purpose of an idea or a belief. One question a functionalist might ask would be, "Why do you believe in God?"

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