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Not sure that there were many contributions ofengineering to mathematics. Contributions in the other direction: lots, contributions by engineers: yes.

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Q: What are the contributions of engineering to mathematics?
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Was Charles Babbage just a mathematiciam?

No. He made contributions in mathematics, political economics, engineering and computer science.

What were the important and lasting contributions of ancient Egyptian to civilization and its rulers overtime?

Some of the lasting contributions of ancient Egyptian civilization cover areas such as mathematics, engineering and medicine.

What are the applications of mathematics in engineering?

Everything in engineering requires applications of mathematics. Is this a joke? Mathematics is the QUEEN of the sciences. she RULES engineering. Without math, you have no engineering, any kind of engineering. Think of Mathematics as the Venus of the sciences.

What are some contributions the Muslims made in mathematics?

muslims have make a great contributions in mathematics

3 contributions to mathematics from Albert Einstein?

To bad those are all contributions to physics, not mathematics.

What were the important contributions to geometry?

Virtually all of mathematics, science, architecture, and engineering, depends upon geometry. Human civilization as we know it couldn't exist without this basic branch of mathematics.

What has the author K A Stroud written?

K. A. Stroud has written: 'Engineering Mathematics' 'Engineering mathematics' -- subject(s): Engineering mathematics, Programmed instruction, Problems, exercises 'Differential equations' -- subject(s): Differential equations, Problems, exercises, Laplace transformation 'STROUD:ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS' 'Advanced engineering mathematics' -- subject(s): Programmed instruction, Engineering mathematics 'Further engineering mathematics' -- subject(s): Programmed instruction, Engineering mathematics 'Essential mathematics for science and technology' -- subject(s): Mathematics

What is the importance of mathematics in Electronics and communication engineering?

Mathematics is the language of engineering (as well as science).

What has the author D F Spooner written?

D. F. Spooner has written: 'Mathematics for telecommunications and electrical engineering' -- subject(s): Electric engineering, Engineering mathematics, Mathematics

What were Muslim contributions in mathematics?


What was Islam's contributions to mathematics?


Is mathematics the language of engineering and engineering technologies?


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