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It depends on the relation between a, b, c and d: which the questioner has chosen not to share!

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Q: What are the coordinates for d if a6.3 b7.8 c2.8?
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How do you find the midpoint in a given segment?

If the coordinates of the end points are (a,b) and (c,d) then the midpoint is the point whose coordinates are [(a+c)/2, (b+d)/2]

What city is the coordinates for 19.4N and 99.1W?

Mexico city

What are the coordinates for Port Moresby PNG?

360 degrees... :D

What are the coordinates of d if abcd is to be trapezium?


Is latitude and longitude written like coordinates on a graph?

Yes :D

What are the coordinates of D' if quadrilateral ABCD is reflected about the x-axis?

In order to answer that, I need to know the position of ABCD with respect tothe x-axis before the reflection process begins.But wait! What light through yonder window breaks ? ! On second thought, maybe I don't.If D is the point (x, y) before the reflection, then D' is the point (x, -y) after it.

What names a location in the circle?

A particular location is described by it's coordinates. There are several types of coordinates, the most simple and popular is known as Cartesian coordinates. This type of coordinate can name a real location in a two dimensional space. Cartesian coordinates in 2-D have 2 entries, commonly represented as (x,y) on an x-y graphical system For circles, consider radial coordinates. Radial coordinates in 2-D have 2 entries, commonly represented as (σ,r). σ denotes an angle (usually in radians) r represents a magnitude (length).

Simpsons rule of Area and volume of irregular shapes?

d/3 (1st coordinate + last coordinate) + (4*sum of even coordinates) + (2*sum of odd coordinates)

What effect d?

if three coordinates are sufficient to express the position of motion is called 3d effect

How do you do a gradient squared?

For a three-dimensional del operator in Cartesian coordinates: del2 = delT del = del dot del = d/dx2 + d/dy2 + d/dz2

What is the coordinates of a point on the y-axis?

In 2-d: (0, y) In 3-d: (0, y, 0) In 4-d: (0, y, 0, 0) and so on.

What does the D 15 in the Excel formula C5D15 stand for?

those are just the coordinates of the box it is taking input from.