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Are measures of dispersion typically reported as

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Q: What are the definitions of means medians and modes Give an example of each that is reported in a health care organization Are measures of dispersion typically reported as well -- why would they b?
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What is dispersion and various measures of dispersion?

Dispersion is the act of spreading people or things (like seeds) out over a large area. Measures of dispersion tell us the degree of variation of values in a sample or population.

What is the difference between the measures of central tendency and the measures of dispersion?


Are measures of central tendency complement to measures of dispersion?

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What do you mean by measures of central tendency and dispersion?

Common measures of central tendency are the mean, median, mode. Common measures of dispersion are range, interquartile range, variance, standard deviation.

What is measures of dispersion?

pascal/newton kilometre

Can any of the measures of dispersion ever be negative?


How to calculate measures of dispersion?


What is despersion?

Dispersion is an abstract quality of a sample of data. Dispersion is how far apart or scattered the data values appear to be. Common measures of dispersion are the data range and standard deviation.

What includes the range and the interquartile range?

Both are measures of spread or dispersion.

What do you mean disciplinary measures used in organization?

What do you mean disciplinary measures used in organization?

What is relative measure?

These measures are calculated for the comparison of dispersion in two or more than two sets of observations. These measures are free of the units in which the original data is measured. If the original data is in dollar or kilometers, we do not use these units with relative measure of dispersion. These measures are a sort of ratio and are called coefficients. Each absolute measure of dispersion can be converted into its relative measure. Thus the relative measures of dispersion are:Coefficient of Range or Coefficient of Dispersion.Coefficient of Quartile Deviation or Quartile Coefficient of Dispersion.Coefficient of Mean Deviation or Mean Deviation of Dispersion.Coefficient of Standard Deviation or Standard Coefficient of Dispersion.Coefficient of Variation (a special case of Standard Coefficient of Dispersion)

What important feature of the data set is not revealed through the different measures of centre?

The dispersion of the data.