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150 octane Avgas (no longer used)

100LL Avgas

98 octane premium leaded (no longer used)

95 octane unleaded

82 octane regular (no longer used)

80 octane Avgas (no longer used)

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Q: What are the different types of petrol?
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petrol is used to drive your car or to help power different types of electric!

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What are the different types of fuel?

Petrol (Gasoline) Diesel LPG Biofuel Hydrogen (theoretical - Gyro-Magnetical - as a source of energy)

What are the different grades of petrol in Singapore?

In the UK, the most common petrol types are: Ordinary unleaded - 95 RON Super unleaded - 98 RON Leaded Four Star - 98 RON

What are the different types of engines used in vehicles?

Petrol, carburettor Petrol, fuel injected Both can be normally aspirated or turbo charged Petrol two stroke Diesel, Normally aspirated or turbo charged Diesel, two stroke Rotary engine.

What types of petrol are used in piston engine aircraft?

Many use standard petrol, some use high octane petrol.

Where can I find a petrol leaf blower to buy?

If you want to buy a petrol leaf blower, you should try looking at There are ten different types available there or you can try this website and look at their selection:

What gas is in petrol?

There are no types of gas present in petrol because it is basically a liquid that is used in cars and vehicles. Petrol is the UK term for gasoline.

What are two common types of fossil fuels?

charcoal & petrol

What types petrol does Shell sell in Malaysia?

RON95 and RON97

What are types of fossil fuels used in cars?

oil, petrol is oil

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