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They are: scalene, right angle, obtuse, isosceles and equilateral triangles

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Q: What are the differrent kind of triangle in trigonometry?
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What is soh cah toa in trigonometry?

SoH: used for finding the sine of a triangle in trigonometry: Opposite/HypotenuseCaH: used for finding the cosine of a triangle in trigonometry: Adjacent/HypotenuseToA: used for finding the tangent of a triangle in trigonometry: Opposite/Adjacent

What does trigonometry mean?

triangle measure

What are the two types of trigonometry?

Trigonometry based on a unit circle and radians and trigonometry based on a right triangle.

What is trignometery?

trigonometry is actually the studies of the triangle, most likely the right triangle.

Is a triangle still a triangle if it has 2 obtuse angles?

In spherical trigonometry this is possible

How found trigonometry?

the founder thinks that how to relate the perpendicular triangle's that in that way he found the trigonometry.

What is Principle of trigonometry?

The basic principle of trigonometry is that there are mathematical relationships between the sides and angles of a triangle.

How trigonometry and geometry deals with each other?

trigonometry deals to triangle while the the geometry on the shape..

What is the contribution of menelaus to trigonometry?

He defined the spherical triangle

What are the different kind of triangles?

there is the Equilateral Triangle which all sides are equal.there is the Isosceles Triangle where only two sides are equal.there is the Scalene Triangle where no sides are equal.can help you:

What does the word trigonometry mean in greek?

Measurements of a trigon (or triangle).

Where is the word trigonometry came from?

trigon = triangle metry = measurement.

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