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An acre is an area measurement. It has no specific shape, though traditionally it's thought of as a piece of land one furlong in length and one chain in width.

4 acres could be:

  • 1320 feet long by 132 feet wide
  • A square about 417.4 feet on a side
  • 33 miles long and a foot wide

or any other combination yielding 174240 square feet.

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174,240 sq. ft. = 4 acres. How every you arange them will be the dimesion.

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Q: What are the dimension's of 4 acres?
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What are the dimensions of 32670 sq ft in acres?

3/4 of an acre.

You have 40 square acres what is the dimensions?

A square parcel of land with an area of 40 acres will measure 1,320 feet (1/4 mile) on each side.

What is the dimensions of 725 acres?

Approximately 1.133 sq.miles

What are the Dimensions in feet of 40 square acres?

Each side of a square with an area of 40 acres is 1,320 feet (1/4 mile) long. The diagonal measurement is 1,867 feet long.

How many acres in a rectangle with the dimensions of 1330 feet by 660 feet?

Answer: 877,800 ft² = 20.1515 acres

What are the square dimensions of 6 acres?

Approx 2045 feet.

What are the dimensions of 25 square acres?

A square parcel of 25 acres measures 1,043.6 feet per side.

What is the dimensions of two square acres?

A square area that was two acres would be about 295 feet on each side.

What are the dimensions of a square that contains 2.5 acres?

The dimensions of a square containing 2.5 acres are:330 feet per side1,320 foot perimeter466.7 foot diagonal lengthAn area of 108,900 square feet

How many square acres of water are there in the Hoover Dam?

None. A square acre is a measurement unit in 4-dimensional hyperspace. We do not live in space with 4 linear dimensions, only 3.

What is the linear dimentions of 40 acres?

You can't tell the linear dimensions from the area. There are an infinite number of shapes that all enclose 40 acres but have different linear dimensions. The smallest possible straight dimensions that can enclose 40 acres occur if the field is square. Each side would be 1,320 feet, and you'd need exactly 1 mile of fence to enclose it. But if some developer owned a rectangular piece of land that was 330-ft wide and 1 mile long, his land would also measure 40 acres, but it would take 2-1/4 miles of fence to enclose it.

The dimensions of a square 20 acres?

Each side: 933.4 feetPerimeter: 3,734 feetDiagonal: 1,320 feet (1/4 mile)Area: 871,200 square feet