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Q: What are the dimensions of a Roman Cross?
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How many vertices does the cross has?

In two dimensions, 12. In 3 dimensions, 24.

Does the bible give dimensions of cross Jesus died on?

No it does not.

What are dimensions of a 1.5 liter spirit bottle?

The volume of a bottle is not sufficient information to determine its dimensions. Some bottles have a wide circular cross section and are squat, others have a smaller cross section but are taller, others have a square or rectangular cross section.

A shape that has only straight lines that meet the lines do not cross and only straight lines?

In 2 dimensions, a polygon. In 3 dimensions, a polyhedron.

When was Holy Cross Lithuanian Roman Catholic Church created?

Holy Cross Lithuanian Roman Catholic Church was created in 1965.

How can 2 prisms have the same volume but different dimensions?

If you double the cross-sectional area and halve the length, you will still have the same volume but the dimensions will be different.

What is the volume of a rectangular soild with the following dimensions?

Volume = cross-section area*length

What are Roman Catholic symbols?


Who was with Jesus when he was carrying the cross?

Roman soldiers

How did they kill Christ?

He was crucified on a Roman cross.

Who was the roman who ordered Jesus to die in the cross?


Who was the roman guard that became a Christian that was with Jesus when he died on the cross?

The name of the Roman Centurion is not recorded.