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There is not enough information to provide an answer. The woe equations that are given can only be used to find the value for two of the three measures required.

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Q: What are the dimensions of a table with surface area of 2500 and a volume of 2500?
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Which is the larger volume 2.5 microliters or 2500 nanometers?

2.5 microlitres is a volume. 2500 nanometres is a length.

If a box is to contain 2500 cubinc inches of material what is the least amount of cardboard needed to construc the box?

You first have to determine what box has the greatest volume to surface are ratio. People setting such questions usually are rather unimaginative and think "Boxes are all essentially like cubes" and never consider that a box could be a sphere or cylinder.So,For a cube:Area of Surface: 6 x L2Volume: L3 Where V = 2500, L=13.5Ratio (Volume/surface): L/6 = 2.26For a Sphere:Area of Surface: 4pi R2Volume: (4/3) pi R3 Where V= 2500, R= 8.59 (approx)Ratio (Volume/surface): (1/3)R = 2.86(R=radius in inches)From this we can see you contain more volume with a given amount of cardboard if it is made into a sphere than a cube. This a well known property of spheres.The question is then, what is the surface area of the sphere containing that volume. Just reorganize the equations for volume and area to get:A = 4 pi R2 where using the formula for volume of spheres R = (2500 x(0.75)x(1/pi))1/3 or A=4 pi ((2500x(0.75)x(1/pi))1/3)2Simply solve for A

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a well is filled with water having 7" casing and 3 1/2" drillpipe . how much pressure will required for evacuating 2500 m well volume

What is the volume of a cylinder with the following dimensions Radius 6ft Height 24ft?

Multiply the the value of Pi by the radius2 (squared), then multiply that figure by the height - and you'll have your solution ! Hint: the answer is more than 2500 ft3 but less than 2750 ft3

What is 2500 millimeters in liters?

by unit of conversion of the volume we get , 1 lt=1000 ml.So,2500 ml 2.5 litres.

If a liquid has density of 2.5 g cm3 and mass of 2500 g What volume does it occupy?

With the provided quantity of mass and density the volume of liquid would be 1000cm3. density = mass / volume → volume = mass / density = 2500 g / (2.5 g/cm^3) = 1000 cm^3 = 1 litre.

What is the radius of a cylinder when the volume is 2500 and the height 16?

The radius of this cylinder is 7.0525.

How high is a stack of 2500 US 20 dollar bills?

All US bills have the same dimensions; the average thickness is 0.11 mm so 2500 x 0.11 = 275 mm.

What volume of silver metal will weigh exactly 2500 0 g the density of silver is 105 g cm?

The density of silver would be 10.5 grammes per mL. Therefore 2500 grammes of silver = 2500 / 10.5 = 238.095238 mL in volume.

What are the dimensions in feet and length of a 2500 square foot building?

Assuming that sauare is your fail at spelling square, the area of a shape does not provide enough information about its dimensions. The area in question could be 10 feet * 250 feet or 1 foot * 2500 feet or even 0.001 ft x 2500000 ft.

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2500 Cubic Centimeters... It's the volume of a cylinder or cylinders between the bottom stroke and top stroke of the piston or pistons.