What are the dimensions of an?

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See related link for full specifications

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Q: What are the dimensions of an?
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What is mercury's dimensions?

what are Mercury's dimensions? what are mercury's dimensions?

What is a three-dimentional shape?

On paper = 2 dimensions Physical = 3 dimensions Examples: a square is 2 dimensions and a cube is 3 dimensions a circle is 2 dimensions and a ball is 3 dimensions

What are the dimensions of a hardcover book?

there r no such fixed dimensions . it does come in all dimensions

Is a ray in math 2 dimensions?

A ray can be in 2 dimensions, in 3 dimensions, or in fact in any number of dimensions.

How many dimensions do a segment have?

one dimensions

What are the two classifications of dimensions?

The two classifications of dimensions are Size Dimensions, and Location Dimensions. Size Dimensions are placed in direct relationship to a feature to identify the specific size. Location Dimensions are used to identify the relationship of a feature to another feature in an object.

You want examples for dimensions?

the plane, or xy plane, has two dimensions space has 3 dimensions

How many dimensions are in the White House?

3 dimensions. 2 dimensions means flat. the white house has length, width, and height. 3 dimensions, no?

How do you distinguish between derived dimensions and regular dimensions on the screen?

What you are looking for are driven dimensions. Derived dimensions must be a typo. Driven dimensions are enclosed in parentheses to distinguish them from regular dimensions in inventor. These dimensions do not contrain a sketch they simply reflect dimensioned geometry which is most likely under some geometric constraint.

What is dimensions of a square?

The dimensions are: The dimensions of the square are LW Length x width (srry about the last one)

What is the unit dimensions of length?

"L" is the dimensions of length.

What are the dimensions of a wine cork?

depends on the dimensions of the bottle...

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