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Q: What are the disadvantages of a diagram?
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Disadvantages of project network diagram?

disadvantages of using network

What is the disadvantages of network diagram in project management?

The disadvantages of network diagram in project management is that it takes a lot of time to produce and it is very costly. The other disadvantage is that it may be complex which might lead it to being misinterpreted.

What disadvantages could be encountered if using a Venn diagram?

There are more than 3 categories.

What are the benefts and disadvantages of a rose diagram?

Benefits: You can smell the rose. Disadvantages: It can be a real Prick. Although I love that answer, I will add a link to help you with an alternate, not as clever, but true answer.

What are the Disadvantages of tabular presentation of data?

one of the major disadvantages of tabular presentation of data is that it does not give a detailed view of the diagram, unlike textual(descriptive) presentation

What are the disadvantages of a stem and leaf diagram?

The major disadvantage of the Stem and Leaf plot is that it is dependant on the choice of intervals. The plot is not unique.

What are the disadvantages of sankey diagrams?

Sankey diagrams are a type of flow diagram that describes the flow of resources proportional to the flow quantity. It is used in many industries and used to highlight necessary flows. Disadvantages of Sankey Diagram: Audiences who don't have enough idea on data visualization feel difficulty in understanding Sankey diagrams. Sankey diagrams make it hard to understand the flows of similar widths. This diagram requires a long explanation as everyone is not familiar with it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of scatter diagram?

ADVANTAGES Shows relationship between two variables best method to illustrate a non-linear pattern.

Whats the advantages and disadvantages of Gantt charts?

A Gantt chart is a very useful project management tool that provides you with an overview of your schedule (something that the network diagram did not).

What are the disadvantages of using activity on arrow diagrams Gantt chart and network diagrams for project planning?

Network diagram also do not clearly show time line for a project. Large networks require dedicated maintenance and analysis. Network diagram do not lead themselves to easy reproduction or distribution. Tools and system can be expensive to acquire and maintain.

Diagram of the animal cell?

neat diagram

What is an alternate name for an electric diagram?

A schematic diagram is an alternate name for an electric diagram.