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The major disadvantage of the Stem and Leaf plot is that it is dependant on the choice of intervals. The plot is not unique.

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Q: What are the disadvantages of a stem and leaf diagram?
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What is a stem and leaf diagram in maths?

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What is a Statistical display such as stem leaf diagram?


How do you find the average in a stem and leaf diagram?

Once all of the data are displayed in the stem and leaf diagram it is simply a question of looking at the most frequentlyoccurring value.

What is a leaf diagram?

In statistics this is usually termed a stem-leaf plot. To see some I suggest going to and querying for stem leaf plot.

What is the word for a chart used to organize data that has the greatest place value as a stem and he smaller place value as leaves?

The phrase is a stem-and-leaf diagram or stem-and-leaf chart.

What are disadvantages of back to back stem and leaf charts?

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Can you do any number for the key in a stem and leaf diagram or does it have to be the first one?

Yes, it can be any number.

What is a Back to back stem and leaf plot?

A Back-To-Back Stem and Leaf Plot is a diagram to show two different sets of numbers. They are exactly like ordinary stem and leaf plot, but represents two different numbers by going out to the left as well as the right.

What is the stem on a stem and leaf plot?

The let side of a stem a stem and leaf plot

What is the difference between a graph and stem and leaf plot?

A graph and stem is different to a leaf plot because in a leaf plot, there is a stem and leaf in a plot, while in a graph and stem, there is a leaf and stem in a graph.

What is an example for a stem leaf diagram?

Google it and check on images or check the BBC website. Might help!

How do you draw a diagram?

Welll, it depends on what subject you are working on. For math: leaf to stem diagram, histogram, e.t.c. For ELA, History: normal T-chart

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