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Q: What are the edges of a 3d pentagon?
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How many edges on a 3d pentagon?


How many edges are there on a 3d pentagon?

A pentagonal prism will have 15 edges.

Does a cube have more edges than a 3D pentagon?


What 3d shape has 6 vertices and 9 edges?


How many edges are in a 3 D pentagon have?

The 3D shape formed by regular pentagons is a dodecahedron, which has 30 edges.

What is a 3D pentagon?

a 3D pentagon

What are the vertices of a 3d pentagon?

The vertex of a 3D pentagon is 10. :)

What is the 3D name for a pentagon?

A 3D name for a pentagon is a pentagonal prism.

What is a 3D pentagon shape called?

There are multiple 3-d pentagon shapes. One such is the Dodecahedron, it has 30 edges and 20 vertices. Another 3-d pentagon shape is the pentagonal prism.

Does an irregular pentagon have 6 edges?

No. By definition a pentagon must have 5 edges. An irregular pentagon is a pentagon that has edges with lengths of different sizes. The internal angles of all vertices will not be identical in an irregular pentagon.

Is a pentagon 3D?

No, a pentagon is 2-D.

How many curved edges of a pentagon?

There are no curved edges in a pentagon. Part of the definition of any polygon is that they have straight edges.

How many edges does a 3 dimensional pentagon have?

A 3 dimensional pentagon has 15 edges

How many edges does a pentagon based pyramid have?

A Pentagon Pyramid has six edges!

How many faces' edges and vertices's do a pentagon have?

A pentagon has 5 edges and 5 vertices

Number of edges in a pentagon?

6 edges

How many faces edges and vertice does a pentagon?

5 edges, 5 verts, and faces are only on 3d shapes, for the most part, so any 2d shape has 1

What is a 3D pentagon called?

A 3D pentagon could be called a pentagon prism or a dodecahedron which is a Platonic solid with 12 pentagonal faces.

Edges of a pentagon?


How many edges does a pentagon prism have?

15 edges

How many curved edges have a pentagon?

there are 4 edges

Does a 3D square have 12 edges?

it can have 12 edges any 3d square can

Is a 3d pentagon a prism or a pyramin?

3D pentagonal prismPRISM

What shape has 5 edges?

A pentagon

What polygon has five edges?