What are the example of double?

Updated: 5/27/2023
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Double Entendre is a statement that has two meanings with one of them usually being quite rude. They are used often in comedy sketches. The term comes from the French language.

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Q: What are the example of double?
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An example for a double lever is pliers

Would miss be an example of a final double consonant?

The word "miss" is an example of a final double consonant because it has "ss". Another example: staff

What is double pointer in c?

example: double num = 12.34; double *numptr = # double **numptrptr = &numptr;

What animal has a double consanent l?

Tarantella has a double consonant l, for example.

An example of a double reed musical instrument is the?

Oboe. Another example is the bassoon.

What is a double in visual basic?

A double essentially is an int but with a decimal. For example, 4.5 is a double. But the int value of that would be 4

What are example of litotes?

Litotes are understatements usually made with double negatives. An example is: she is not unattractive.

I need a specific example that shows why double jeopardy should be abolished?

There is no need for such an example or such an argument. Double Jeapordy IS abolished in the US by virtue of the US Constitution.

An example of double dribble is?

A double dribble is when you dribble the b-ball pick it up and hold it then start dribbling again. Another example of a double dribble is when you dribble the ball with both hands, and you will be called by doing it

Examples of double consonants?

Some words with double consonants are rattle, tattle, cattle, battle, mitten, kitten (the tt in the middle of the word is an example of double consonants)Other words with double consonants are rubble, dabble, ribbed, dabbing (the bb in the middle of the word is an example of double consonants.

Is salt an example of double covalent?

No, salt is ionic.

Are there any words using double w?

over 100 words have a double W, glowworm is an example