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Take a tin can with a lid. Fill it approximately with half of water. Heat the can on a candle flame till the water boils. Let the water boil for a few minutes. Blow out the candle. Immediately put the lid tightly on the can. Be careful in handling the hot can. Put the can carefully in a shallow metallic vessel or a washbasin. Pour fresh water over the can.


If you can't get a tin can, take a soft plastic bottle. Fill it with hot water. Empty the bottle and immediately cap it tightly. Place the bottle under running water.

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Q: What are the examples in day to day life that air exerts pressure?
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When air exerts a force it is called?

When air exerts a force, it is called air pressure. Air pressure is the force exerted by the weight of air above a given point.

Air exerts pressure because it has?


What is exerting pressure?

Exerting pressure is the act of applying force or weight on an object or surface. This pressure can cause a change in the state or shape of the object. Examples of exerting pressure include pushing, squeezing, or compressing an object.

Dry air exerts less pressure than air that has What?

devin in it

What experiment proves that air exerts pressure?

One experiment that proves that air exerts pressure is the collapsing can experiment. In this experiment, a small amount of water is boiled in a can, and the can is then sealed. As the steam cools and condenses, it creates a vacuum inside the can, causing the outside air pressure to crush the can. This demonstration shows that air exerts pressure.

What pressure does cold air exert?

Cold air exerts a lower pressure compared to warm air because the molecules in cold air are moving more slowly and are closer together. This results in a decrease in the air pressure.

Will anyone answer you what is the force that air exerts on a given area?

The force that air exerts on a given area is called air pressure. Air pressure is the result of the weight of the air above the given area pressing down on it. This pressure can vary depending on altitude, weather conditions, and temperature.

Cold air exerts more blank than warm air?

Cold air exerts more pressure than warm air because it is denser due to the molecules being closer together. This increased density leads to higher air pressure.

How much air pressure exerts in your body?

1 atm

Is air pressure higher or lower in warm areas?

Air pressure is generally lower in warm areas because warm air is less dense and therefore exerts less pressure on its surroundings. Cool air is denser and exerts more pressure, so areas with cooler temperatures typically have higher air pressure.

What is the force that air exerts on your body called?

The force that air exerts on your body is called air pressure. This force is a result of the weight of the air above you pressing down on your body.

Dose air in the atmosphere exert pressure on earths surface?

Yes. Atmospheric pressure is the pressure caused by air when it exerts pressure on the surface of earth.