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The answer depends very much on the shape of the solid figure.

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Q: What are the formula uses in finding area of a given solid figure?
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Does a solid figure have width?

Yes, but it is given different names, depending on the type of solid.

All formulas of finding the space figure and volume of solid figures with picture?

There are infinitely many figures and so infinitely many formula and therefore it is impossible to give ALL of them.

What is the formula for finding the volume of solid object?

length x width x height

What are you finding if you measure the space that a solid figure occupies?

You are finding the volume of the solid figure.To find the volume of a solid figure, depending on the size of the object, you can use a graduated cylinder. You can fill the cylinder up to x amount of water and then measure the amount after dropping the solid into the water, and then subtract the amount before, from the amount after, to get the volume of a solid. You can also use simple mathematics to figure the volume of the solid. There are different formulas for calculating volume for different types of solid figures.

What example of finding volume?

There kind of solid object will determine the formula that will be used to find its volume.

A solid figure that is the set of all points and that are the same distance from a given point is what?

A sphere

What solid figure always has congruent faces?

A cube would fit the given description

Is cone a solid figure or plane figure?

A solid figure.

How do you figure out the edges on a solid figure?

You have to count the lines on a solid figure

Is a basketball a solid figure?

no a basketball is not a solid figure.

What is a solid figure with only one curved surface?

A sphere would fit the given description

Is a triangle a solid figure?

No- a triangle is a plane figure, not a solid.

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