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comparing, decoding, executing, nd fetching

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Q: What are the four operations of the machine cycle?
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What are the four basic operations of the machine cycle?

comparing, decoding, executing, nd fetching

What are the four basic operations that comprise a computer machine cycle?

The four Basic operations that comprise a computer machine cycle are: 1. Fetch : Obtain program instructions or Data files from Memory 2. Decode : Translate Instructions into commands 3. Store : Write result to memory and 4. Excute : Carry out command

What are the operations in shaper machine?

operation in shaper machine

What regulates the cpu machine cycle?

the clock oscillator and machine cycle state machine, it may take multiple clock cycles per machine cycle.

What is the difference between instruction cycle and machine cycle?

an instruction cycle may consist of a number of machine cycles.

Explain the Information Processing Cycle of a computer?

nA computer is an electronic machine that performs the information-processing cycle.nThe information-processing cycle consists of 5 operations: input, processing, output, storage, and communication.

What Are The Four Basic Operations Of Arithmetic?

The four basic operations are … >> Add >> Subtract >> Multiply >> Divide Everything else is built on those four operations.

What operations do in the lathe machine?

In lath machine mostly operation we can perfom.

Is there a transition in a washing machine?

Yes, a washing machine transitions from one cycle to another. There is a water cycle that transitions to a wash cycle, then it transitions to a rinse cycle, a spin cycle and so on.

What is the four fundamental operations of arithetic?

The four fundamental operations in arithmetic are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

What is the difference between a shaping machine and a slotting machine?

Shaping machine will perform operations only on the surface of the work piece. It only does surface smoothness. Where as the slotting machine will perform operations like making keyways in shafts etc...

Define t-state in machine cycle and instruction cycle?


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