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1. Allocation - by programmer

2.Linking - by programmer

3.Relocation - by assembler

4.Loading - by loader.

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Q: What are the function of absolute loader?
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In absolute loading scheme which loader function is performed by programmer?


What are the four Function of absolute loader?

1. Allocation - by programmer 2.Linking - by programmer 3.Relocation - by assembler 4.Loading - by loader.

Difference between compile and go loader and absolute loader?

in compile and go loader we use the core for placing code in other word you says that instruction placed directly in memory but in absolute loader data punched on cards. other one difference in that in compile and go loader core in not available for user but it in absolute loader core is available for user.

When a computer is first turned on or restart a special type of absolute loader boot loader or bootstrap loader?

strep boot

What is the Difference between absolute loader and relocating loader?

The biggest difference between these two loaders is that absolute loaders will load files into a specific location and a relocating loader will place the data anywhere in the memory.

Write a algorithm for absolute loader?

Answe check for login

What is an absolute function?

The absolute value function returns the absolute value of a number.

Types of loaders in system software?

There are four types of loader in system software namely: 1: Compile and Go loader 2: Absolute Loader 3: Relocating Loader 4: Direct Linking loader Regards Subhash

What is difference between the absolute loader and relocating loader?

the main difrnce is that relocating loader can allow many procedure segements.the assembler assembles each procedure independently and passes to the loader(text and info)relocating and intersegement reference

What is the function of the bootstrap loader?

To Test Your hardware on boot

What is a function whose rule contains absolute value expressions?

An absolute-value function

What is an absolute loader?

An absolute loader is the simplest type of loader scheme that fits the general model of loaders. The assembler produces the output in the same way as in the "complier and go loader" . The assembler outputs the machine language translation of the source program.Disadvantage:The programmer has to specify the address to the assembler that where the program is to be loaded.It is very difficult to realocate in case of multiple subroutine.Programmer has to remember the address of each subroutine and use that absolute address explicitly in other subroutines to perform subroutine linkage

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