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there is a TON of geometry vocab terms. so i hope i can help by telling you the ones that i learned freshman year in highschool. these are in the order that we learned them:

conditional - statement that can be written in "if...then" form.

ex: if a car is a corvette, then it is a Chevrolet

ex converse: if a car is a Chevrolet, then it is a corvette

ex counterexample: camaro? impala? Monte Carlo?

adjacent angles - two angles that are side by side

postulate - statements assumed to be true

theorems - statements that have been proven to be true

polygon - enclosed plane figure formed with three or more segments such that each one intersects the other at its endpoint

transversal - a line, ray, or segment that intersects two or more coplanar lines, rays or segments, each at a different point

skew lines - lines that are never parallel and never intersect

pre-image - original position of a figure in a plane

image - new position of a figure in a plane

rotation - transformation that moves a geometric figure about a point, known as the turn center

reflection - transformation in which a line of reflection acts as a mirror, reflecting points to their images

probability - ratio that compares the number of "successful" outcomes to the number of possible outcomes

circumference - distance around the area of a circle

net - flat figures that can be folded to enclose a particular solid figure

magnitude of a vector - length of a vector arrow

vector - a mathematical quantity that has both direction & magnitude

resultant - sum of two vectors

fractal - look the same close up as they do far away

right angle - a 90 digree angle

these aren't all of them. and i didnt include the theorems & postulates. i would recommend looking in the back of a text book in the glossary or asking your teacher if they have a math dictionary or something like that. but i hope i could help!!!

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Q: What are the geometry vocabulary terms?
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