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are you asking for help on finding definition for geometric terms? if so go to: and to wikipedia for x and j terms

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what are the an define terms on geometry

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Q: What are the define terms of geometry?
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Is it possible to define all th terms in geometry including the three terms?

the three terms; point, line and plane can be defined although it is called the undefined terms still we know and we can define the meanings of that terms.. common sense? joke.

Is it possible to define all the terms in geometry including the three terms which are point line and plane?

Yes. Even though those terms are left undefined, they are used together with ordinary words to define other geometric terms.

Why are the 3 undefined terms in geometry are undefined?

I am prepared to define any term in geometry. If there is some term for which you would like to have a definition, just ask.

Why point line and plane are undefined terms?

We use words we know to define new terms in geometry. The words point, line and plane have no other words in geometry to describe them They are the building blocks.

In geometry you can use deductive rules to?

In geometry, deductive rules can be used to prove conjectures.

What is an undefined term in geometry?

It is a very basic concept which cannot be defined. Undefined terms are used to define other concepts. In Euclidean geometry, for example, point, line and plane are not defined.

In Geometry Define arcos?


How do you define geometry?

Geometry is the pure mathematics of points and lines and curves and surfaces.

Why it is necessary to have undefined terms in geometry?

This is true not just in geometry but in every field of knowledge. You can define complicated concepts in terms of simpler ones, and those simpler ones in still simpler ones and so on. However, you will end up with a few terms which cannot be defined in terms of simpler concepts (without going into a circular definition). These terms must remain undefined.

What Geometry terms begin with the letter t?

Trapezoid and triangle are geometry terms. They begin with T.

How do you describe in geometry terms?

Do it!

Define 'want' in busines terms?

define 'Want' in marketing terms

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